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Molly - 2018-03-27

Hey all!

I have been in communication with Union Jack Schools in Naples and received an offer. But something definitely seems fishy and too good to be true.
They emailed me to set up an interview via skype. However, the interviewer's audio wasn't working at the same time as video and he had the interview me with just the audio (which I understood since skype can be fussy sometimes). However, he was not a very good English speaker, asked extremely general questions, it was clear he had not looked at any of my paperwork before and the interview last 4 MINUTES AND 19 SECONDS. I thought that was quite strange. Then he told me that they just wanted to test my level of English and that they will review my paperwork (though they had already had it over a week) and get back to me. I figured there would be another interview but then they sent me a contract for employment. I thought this was weird since they only spoke to me for 4 minutes. I didn't even have a chance to ask any questions about the school. I emailed asking to speak with someone over skype in order to ask questions, and they said they would get back to me. I waited three days and followed up, only to get a response that the director is currently in Spain and would rather I just email my questions. Another red flag. How can there not be anyone in the school to speak with me?

FINALLY. The contract is for 2500 net euro a month (a great salary), plus free accommodation, visa assistance, travel reimbursement (which is a lot since I am in the US), health insurance, and an extra 500 a month for food expenses. This is just way too good to be true. Also, the contract does not even have a start date listed. There is a blank space where the start date should be and my name is nowhere on the contract.

I want to know if anyone has come across this school before. They haven't asked me for any money, I just think there has to be a catch somehow. I can't find any information about the school except on their website and other job postings. Their website also has a "view count" on it which never changes and seems quite dated.

Any response would be much appreciated (I'm definitely not going to sign anything until I know that this is a legitimate school and offer)


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