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#1 Parent Scarlet - 2015-02-05
Re scam in Manchester UK

Thanks Belinda for posting this. I have also received such a contract today and I have been trying to verify this man's credentials. I was suspicious as he send the contract in a great hurry without any phone call or any skype interview. He has send me the same family pic that you have shared in this forum and he says he has migrated from Thailand. God alone knows what this guy is up to but someone should take him to task and put him behind the bars for this scam. Thanks again for sharing this and clearing all my doubts.

Belinda - 2015-01-29
scam in Manchester UK

I would like to warn others of a scam I nearly fell for. A man by the name of Alexander Dwayne who clams to have relocated his family from the Philippines to Manchester and would like an English teacher to teach his 3 children. He offers an incredible salary, accommodation, visa assistance, pretty much everything. On another site he says he relocated from Russia to Manchester and when I traced the family photo he sent me and it took me to a bio of a family in Pennsylvanian that gives very different information about the family. I also looked up the number and from what I discovered it is redirected and is based in Russia. He said he is a civil engineer from the company Acefleet construction Ltd in Manchester. When I asked if we could please have a skype meeting he made up an excuse about not being able to do it because of his line of work. When I then asked if I could skype with his wife he said no because she doesn't speak English. He did however phone me but the voice sounded rather computerized. He hadn't asked for any money from me yet but was pressuring me to sign the contract. This scam may have not been for my money but maybe human trafficking, who knows... Please don't fall for this trap. I've attached the family picture he used and the site I found it on.

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