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#1 Parent sisi - 2015-04-23
Re Suspected scam:, scammers misusing name of real school in Spain

yes - this man is definitely a major fraudster - beware of him - he is posting teaching jobs around the world, especially Asia - he then asks for money for visa fees etc. A REAL FRAUDSTER - CONTACT THE POLICE, whatever country you are in!!!!!!

#2 Parent Sergi - 2014-09-29
Re Suspected scam:, Spain teaching job

Buenos días,

Desde la escuela Bon Soleil comunicamos que esta dirección es una estafa y actualmente está en manos de la policia nacional.

Disculpen las molestias.

#3 Parent Admin - 2014-09-28
Re: Suspected scam:, Spain teaching job

You are right. You saw it for what it is, a scam.
In addition to the spelling mistakes, when they call themselves "Mr." its a good indicator of scam.
But mostly, look at the ridiculously high salary: There is no way that an English teacher would get that type of salary in Spain.
Just ignore them.
It's good that you posted their email here; other teachers will find this thread when they do a research about the scammers. You will save those teachers disappointment and money.

Brian - 2014-09-28
Suspected scam:, scammers misusing name of real school in Spain

I posted my resume on Dave's ESL Cafe and got an offer from Barcelona in Spain which sounded to good to be true and very out of character, poor English, and then a rude response when I asked for information about the school. I was not able to find the so called school. However since I am in China Google does not work so the school might exist. This is a copy of the two emails I received

Subject: Esl tecers wanted in Barcelona, Spain
> Hello,
> This is Mr. Sergio Andre, Hiring Manager in Bon Soleil School in
> Barcelona, Spain. I'm writing to you to inform you that we are
> urgently seeking for experience ESL Teachers to teach in our Primary
> and secondary School classes;
> Requirements for ALL Foreign Teachers:
> *(Required documents - you must check and verify these documents)
> • Minimum Bachelor's Degree*
> • Fluent English speaker
> • Two above or less experience teaching English to young learners
> • Teacher Certification preferred
> • 16 hours (24 periods) teaching per week (40 mins. per class)
> • Must be on campus during 8:00-4:30 Mon-Fri
> Extra requirements for kindergarten’s teachers:
> • Must love children. The acting teacher must have an outgoing
> personality, good interpersonal relations, patience, and have a
> genuine love for children.
> Benefits:
> • Monthly Salary Range is $3,500-$7,000 USD
> • Bonus
> • Medical insurance
> • Paid winter holiday
> • School lunch
> • Transportation from city center
> • School holiday presents
> • Accommodation
> ,
> Candidates must provide:
> • CV (chronological order)*
> • Digital Photo*
> • Copies of highest degree*
> • Reference letter*
> • Copy of Passport Photo Page*
> • Any supporting documentations*
> If you are interested and ready to relocate for this job offer, send
> us all the required documents immediately to
> (
> We look forward to receive your application!
> Sincerely,
> Mr. Sergio Andre
> HR Manager
> Bon Soleil School
> Gav� 08850, Barcelona, Spain
> Téléphone: (+34) 80 632 93 665
> Email:

THANKS " unquote
It all seems a little odd, but since my access to Google is limited I am not able to properly check. Can you please respond and advise

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