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DIROS BEN - 2014-08-13
In response to English Tutor for Dr. Wu Chang in UK - SCAM (Hunt M. Allen)

Hi Gents

Here's the same scam message I have received from the same person ( Barbara Cliford).
After many emails exchanged between us, I am supposed to relocate to UK to teach one Chinese family.

Good day to you today.
I have received the completed forms and I will be reviewing that before it got submitted and i will go ahead and have any adjustment done for you,in case there should be need for that. All your other documents are currently been reviewed as well and i will be giving you a feedback on them soon as well. I will await the rest of the documents as well. Once your papers are ready,i will be sending you a scanned copy of your WORKING PERMIT to see and i will be sending the Hard copy to you via the Courier Service along with the rest of other documents especially the REFERENCE LETTER from the UK HOME OFFICE,which is a very vital document that you will be needing to present to the UK EMBASSY in your country while going for your visa.This is to show that all your papers has already passed immigration rules and policy here directly in the UK,which you will be automatically entitled to the VISA.Once the documents is sent to your deliverable address(our British Consulate in Algeria-As per your request),I will be scheduling a date for you to go for your visa.You will not be needing to visit the UK EMBASSY back there now until i have your documents sent all out to you and given you instructions as well.I will put you through this procedure as the processing commence as well as the rest of the documents that will be on your shipment as well. There are other requirements to be met by you and your employer,They include;1. (a) The payment of your one way flight fare from ALGIERS (ALG), ALGERIA to Birmingham (BHX), England which is 1032.40GBP by you or your employer but your employer has promised to shoulder the cost. (b) Deposit of your first month salary to UK Border Agency, GBP2800.00GBP by your employer which you will be receiving upon your arrival to the UK.It is a requirement meant to solidify the agreement between you and your employer and to show that your employer will be truly be the one to take up your responsibilities when you get here. 2. a. The payment of your application fee which is GBP205.00 and processing fee of GBP85.00(Your Employer has promised to shoulder the cost as well) b. The payment of the courier fee for the shipment of your documents to your address once they are ready which is GBP90.00(Your Employer has promised to shoulder the cost as well) c. You will also be needing to show BANK STATEMENTS OR WESTERN UNION SHOW OF FUNDS. If you will be showing your BANK STATEMENT,you must submit a recent bank statement that has a balance of 7,000GBP and a good flow transaction been made on the account to show that you have some money on your possession and as proof of sufficient funds available for your trip/maintenance requirement. If you will be doing a WESTERN UNION SHOW OF funds,You will be taking a friend or relative to any western union outlet nearby you,to send just 1000GBP to YOUR NAME and the SENDING TO location will be ENGLAND OR You can as well go there alone in person and You will have a friend or relatives name filled in the form as the SENDER while YOUR NAME should be filled in as the Receiver and the SENDING TO country will be ENGLAND.Once your visa has been processed,you will be notified and you can pick the money upon your arrival to the UK or after your WORKING PERMIT is ready,which i will notify you.Just make sure the funds is sent to YOUR NAME.This is just to make sure that you have that kind of money in your possession as well and i believe it is easier than the Bank Statements as well.To verify Bank statements takes up to some time and since your employer wants your papers ready quick,your visa processor suggest that you do the show of fund through the Western Union which will be easier to verify and less funds will be shown.It is the receipt that you will scan and email to me to verify for instant verification. The illustration is explained below. Sender name..Your Friend or any of your relative Receivers name..Your name Sending to country.ENGLAND amount..1000GBP Your visa processing officer made me realize that this method that she chooses for you is the easiest way of getting all your papers ready including your working permit ready as soon as possible and that it is not available to most applicant,it is the influence and request of your EMPLOYER to get all your papers ready without any delay whatsoever that made the option available to you.The reason for long verification on Bank Statements is sometimes caused by applicant manipulating figures on there bank account,which has now been a policy from the HOME OFFICE to ensure proper verification whenever a BANK STATEMENTS has been submitted. Your documents will be ready 7-10 days after I receive the necessary fees from your employer and the deposit receipt from you. Once its ready, I will book your flight and send it to you together with your work permit through DHL courier delivery.Go ahead and have the ITINERARY reviewed and confirm to me if you are OK with the flight information,so that i will have that booked for you. Have a great day.
Yours Sincerely,
Agent Barbara V Cliford.

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