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#1 Parent BeijingTeach - 2014-07-28
Re: Geovisions Conversation Corps


#2 Parent Been There - 2014-07-26
Re: Geovisions Conversation Corps

For additional information, I always check the domain registration in WhoIs when I am not sure about a website. In this case (see link below) you can see that the domain was created in 2000, a relatively long internet time ago (i.e. they did not create a website 2 months ago).

BeijingTeach - 2014-07-26
Geovisions Conversation Corps

Has anyone had anything to do with Geovision Conversation Corps?

I'm interested in doing their program where you get free room and board with an Italian family in exchange for up to 15 hours/week of English classes.

You pay around $1000 for the program, but it can last up to three months. I have no experience teaching, so i thought it might be a cheap way to get settled and look for jobs.

I'm just a bit wary because you have to pay $350 before you get to start looking at possible families. Also, I find it weird that I can't find a single review anywhere except their own board, and

I'm much appreciate any word on this.

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