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#1 Parent katinko - 2016-07-22
Re: New ESL Scam in UK??

Yes. Scammer! beware!!!!

#2 Parent Ness - 2015-04-16
Re: Dr . Hilbert Tombs

Please do not answer any of these emails from this man. I have reported him to the police.

#3 Parent teacher - 2015-03-12
Re: New ESL Scam in UK??

Hi there. Please can you let me know what happened with you and Dr Toombs? Thanks

#4 Parent GeorgeLucas123 - 2015-03-05
Re: New ESL Scam in UK??

Hello, I have gotten the same offer from Dr. Hilbert. Not sure if legitimate, seems illegitimate as there would be plenty of english teachers in the UK for him to choose from. Please let me know if you have heard anything about it

#5 Parent Punisher - 2015-02-26
Re: New ESL Scam in UK??

There are scams from the UK all the time.

Anyone with a bit of brain should ask why soomeone from withn the UK should hire an ESL teacher from outside with visa stuff and fees involved in a country where English is the first language. That's unless all Brits only used Manchester slang or dialect including the Queen. Since that is clearly not the case and only some highly uneducated English native speakers do, you shouldn't bother and identify it as a scam for 100 %.

#6 Parent jzel - 2015-02-25
Re: New ESL Scam in UK??

Hi Good Day! has anyone heard about Dr Hilbert Toombs? He's asking me to relocate in UK and tutor his wife and kids.

#7 Parent Been There - 2014-07-12
Re: New ESL Scam in UK??

Looks like a typical scam

Kennedy - 2014-07-12
New ESL Scam in UK??

I've been contacted by a Chinese man named Henry Cho who has offered me a job teaching his 8 year old daughter in London. Anyone heard anything about him?

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