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new tefl teacher - 2014-07-11

Hi guys,

Ive been applying like mad to esl jobs in europe.
When I saw an ad for a job in st tropez of course I rushed to apply for it. Apparently I have been selected for this role,based solely on my CV,no pictures, not an interview,just need to pay a placement fee of 300USD and the job is as good as mine.

The email reads as follows:

my name is Monica and I'm a member of the Global Teachers Support
Team and also your personal teaching job advisor. We have just
recently celebrated our 10th anniversary and we want you to be
one of our many success stories and assist you to get the teaching
job you always wanted. All of our job openings are available exclusively
through us and each and every school and opening has been extensively
screened and filtered by our experienced Team of Professionals to make
sure we only have high quality openings available with good teaching
conditions and highly competitive salaries.

Your Application has been evaluated by our Team and we have contacted
several schools that matched your qualifications and preferences you
indicated in your Application and one of our associated Schools in
particular is very interested to hire you for the October 2014
start date.

However, I have just rechecked with the School and they only have one
opening remaining so we would need to move ahead with this soon to make
sure the opening will not be given to another Applicant.

I have included the original Job description of the opening below:

Reference Number: CH-2329, Location: St. Tropez
1 TEFL Teachers needed, Salary: Competitive, Accommodation: Furnished
acccommodation provided, Airfare: Airfare provided (return ticket),
Duration of Contract: Min. 6 month, Experience Required: No, Age of
Students: 6-10, Teaching hours per Week: 25, Salary: 2500 Euro/Month,
Benefits: No

The salary they offer is to be considered very high for the
local standards especially when considering that furnished
accommodation is also provided by the School.

We have several Placement Options available for you:

Our Free Placement Option is not available for this country but we
can still offer you our Normal and Premium Placement Options.
Click on the Link below to compare both Placement Options:

Or copy and paste the link into your Browser if it does not open.

Additionally the Normal and Premium Placement Options both include
permanent access to our Premium-Login Area in which you will be
able to contact this school (and of course all others) directly among
many other features. The Premium Placement also includes the
translation of the teaching contract into English by one
of our licensed Translators as well as Premium-Support throughout
your stay abroad.

We are handling the entire hiring process for the School and we would
appreciate if you get back to us with your answer soon so I can inform
the Director of the School. Just let us know if you want the mentioned
teaching position to be locked-up for you and which Placement Option
you would prefer.

Once you are ready to move ahead you can also visit our SSL-Secure
order site directly by following the link below:

It is advisable to take a look at our FAQ section as well.

Kind Regards,

Monica Ludovic

Global Teachers Support Team
(Teacher Support Department)

General Support Email:

I questioned it saying yes im interested in an interview which is when I was told, I have the position already,i just need to pay the placement fee.

I know it sounds silly, but can anyone help with whether this site is legit?

There are so many positions advertised on the site

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