Reading messages

The default format of the message board index shows messages posted within the past 12 Month(s) and shows them By Threads, Reversed.


message does not contain any original body text.
message contains a link URL.
message includes an image.

To read a message, click on the message name and a page will be displayed showing the message or the thread (a thread is a message and all the replies to it,) depending on how your preferences are set up.

To return to the index, click on the Return to Index tag at the top or bottom of the page.

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Marking all messages as read

When you log on for a second or subsequent time, messages that have been posted since your previous visit, or threads containing such messages, will be marked 'NEW:'.

You can set all messages displayed to appear as if they have been previously read by clicking on the Remove "NEW" tag at the top of the index.

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Searching the message board

You can search the message board for a specific topic or for postings containing specific keywords by clicking on the Search tag at the top of the index. You are taken to the search page, where you fill in the form, click Search and you will be returned to the index page where messages fitting your criteria will be listed.

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Upload graphic image

The maximum size of each file (GIF/JPG/PNG format) that can be uploaded is 1200 kb. Images take time to display when a visitor using a dial-up service opens the message page, so please keep the file size as low as possible. There is no limit to the pixel dimensions of an image you might wish to upload, but please keep pictures to below 500 pixels in height.

There will be a pause while the image uploads either when previewing the message or when submitting the message.

Privacy policy

Email addresses can only be seen by the message board administrator.

Email addresses are held purely for the purpose of notifying subscribers and users of postings made to the message board, and, if necessary, of adminstrative matters relating to the use of the message board. The message board administration will not pass on to third parties email addresses obtained via user registration or subscription.

If you'd like your email address to be made available to readers of the message board, include it in the body of your message or on a web page linked from your message. DO NOT include the addresses of third parties without their permission.

Public posting of email or other addresses is entirely at the discretion of the poster, and the message board administration accepts no liability in regard to this.

Cookie Policy

This site uses cookies. Cookies allow the board to recognize you the next time you visit, keep track of messages posted since your previous visit, maintain your personal index display preferences, and automatically insert your name and email address into the post forms.

If your browser supports cookies, using them will make your visits here more productive. If your browser doesn't support cookies, or you have disabled them, you will lose the convenience of the functions that they provide here.

The cookies that this site sets are not shared with any other website, nor is a copy kept on the server. We don't use the cookies for anything other than making the discussion board easier to use.

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Contact admin

  • If after consulting the help page, you still cannot work out how to do what you want to do;
  • If you have an idea for improving the board; or
  • If you have suggestions for changes to this help page in order to remove errors, to make it clearer, or to address aspects of using the message board not already dealt with..
please email the message board administrator.

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