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Resume and Interview Tips

10 Common Misperceptions That Can Ruin Your Interview
By:Andi Enns

1. "I can speak off the record." Don't ever say anything to a reporter that you don't want printed! In fact, don't say anything in public - ever - that you don't want printed. Wait until you are in private before venting or telling secrets. Under pressure of deadlines, the reporter may not even remember what was supposed to be off the record. Don't take the change.

2. "If the reporter asks more than once, I have to give a better answer." If a reporter comes back to a sensitive topic, you are under no obligation to give them a different answer. Stay firm if you are satisfied with your answer.

3. "Body language only matters on TV." Remember that the reporter will likely report on your fidgeting, nervousness, or other clues that you aren't being truthful, or your strong charisma. This paints a picture for the readers.

4. "I can go in casual dress." What if they need to take pictures of you? What if they report what you were wearing? Depending on your personal brand image, this may be a disaster. Imagine if a reporter wrote about Donald Trump in jeans and a tee. It wouldn't fit our idea of Trump, and it would undermine the image he has been cultivating. Go to the interview in the clothes you would wear to the most important event you'd go to.

5. "The reporter is my friend." No, the reporter is doing a job. They aren't there to do favors or make you look good. They are there to write a story.

6. "The reporter is my enemy." While she isn't your friend, she isn't out to get you either. She is there to write a story.

7. "I have to answer every question." Actually, you don't. And instead of saying "no comment", say "I'll have to get back to you on that."

8. "All facts the reporter tells me are true." If it doesn't sound true, don't accept it. They may be trying to get you to say something, or they may be misinformed. However, it's futile to get into an argument.

9. "I can't bring notes." Of course you can! The reporter brings notes - why can't you? It's better to have notes and say accurate things than leave them at home and make an ass out of yourself.

10. "Once the notebook is closed, the interview is over." Your interview lasts from the moment you step into the interviewing place (the office or restaurant or whatever) until you get in your car and drive away.

Andi Enns is a cutting-edge Public Relations & Marketing Campaign Strategist from Kansas City, Missouri. She loves seeing her clients get the recognition they deserve! For more great articles, visit her blog at http://andienns.wordpress.com/

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