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Top Diwali Celebration Destinations in India

Diwali also known as the ‘festival of lights’ is the most celebrated and awaited festival in India. It is a five day long festival that commemorates the victory of good over evil, and is an occasion for prosperity and togetherness in the family. If you are still wandering what to do this Diwali then check out some top destination to celebrate this festival which will linger in your memories for years to come.
Join the Celebration at a Homestay

The evidence of Diwali celebration can be witnessed plenty of times on street but the real spirit of the festival is indoors and amidst the Indian families. If you have booked flight tickets to India then make sure you stay at an Indian homestay to be a part of traditional Diwali family ritual and get an insight into the Indian culture.

Diwali in Jaipur

The beauty of Diwali comes with the warm glow of lights and lamps that adorn the streets, homes and shops. Jaipur or the ‘pink city of India’ is one of the best holiday destinations to experience this festival because not just the buildings but the whole market is illuminated. Each year there is a competition for the best brilliantly decorated market and the government foots the electricity bill. It is simply a dazzling display that attracts tourists from all over the world so book cheap flights to India.

Gambling and Destruction of Demon in Goa

Moving on to the land of beaches- Goa, Diwali is more focused on the destruction of demon Narakasura by Lord Krishna. In every village and city competitions are being held to see who can make the scariest effigy of demon, some are really huge and they are burnt at dawn on Narakasura Chaturdashi, the day before the main Diwali. Gambling is also a popular activity during Diwali as you might want to try your luck at one of the top casinos of Goa.

Diwali Fireworks in Varanasi

Varanasi is truly reflects the culture of India and even more during Diwali because there is constant stream of fireworks that keep on going throughout the night. For best experience make sure you stay at one of the riverside hotels in Varanasi so that you can get fabulous view of the firework over the Ganges. The highlights of the place are the special Ganga Aarti which is illuminated with candles and diyas that are floated down the river and the procession of Hindu deities through the streets.

You’ll be surprised to know that in Amritsar-the home of the Golden Temple, Diwali is celebrated in a grand way. The occasion has been incorporated into the Sikh religion and in particular because it marks the return from prison of the sixth Sikh Guru, Guru Hargobind Sahib in 1619. Moreover the foundation stone of Golden Temple was laid on Diwali in 1577 so, expect to see a breathtaking display of fireworks over the holy shrine as the complex is draped with lights and the edges of the lake with countless number of oil diyas and candles.

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