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Texas ISD School Guide

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Fun Games & Activities for Teaching English in Junior High School
By:Marysia Walcerz

Bringing games into the classroom can be a great way to creatively engage students with their learning and have fun while taking a break from the usual classroom routine. Use games to work on new material, review topics before a test or exam or just give students the chance to practice what they're learning in a fun way. Games can be modified for students of all skill levels and reading comprehension.

Classroom Jeopardy
Bring the classic game of Jeopardy into the classroom by creating categories and questions that pertain to the subject you're covering. Tape pieces of paper with monetary values written on them to the board to create the Jeopardy categories, write appropriate questions underneath them and remove each piece of paper as students choose questions. Keep track of points, and remind students to phrase their answers in the form of a question for fun.

Guess That Character
This game is a great way to get students thinking about the characters in a book the class is reading. Assign each student a character name from the book, and have the students do some research on their characters. Students aren't allowed to tell each other which character they are, but they can ask each other questions to try to figure out who everyone is. Whichever student guesses who her classmates are first, wins.

Fix It
This activity is for junior high students working on their grammar skills. Write out examples of sentences with mistakes on slips of paper and put them into a jar. Have students pick sentences out of the jar and correct the mistakes on the back of the paper. Turn it into a race and have students see how many sentences they can fix in a short amount of time. Award points for the most successfully corrected sentences at the end.

Spell It
This game gives students a chance to work together to spell out vocabulary words. Arrange students into a line, and say a vocabulary word from the current lesson aloud. Have the students spell it out, with each student saying one letter and going down the line until the word is complete. For a challenge, divide students into two groups and have them compete to spell the word correctly, going back and forth and allowing teams to complete incorrectly spelled words from the other team.

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