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Texas ISD School Guide

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pia... - Game

this game doesn't really have a name, my kids call it "pia" which means throw in chinese...its very simple and the kids beg me for it everyday i have them...alls u will need for this game is two wet rags roughly the same size to make things fair, this game works best for upper beginner to intermediate, i use it for my grade fours....

simply write the words you wish to review on the blackboard in large print and in a scattered pattern, then draw a line in chalk 2 feet infront of their desks to give them a "do not cross line",

split the class into two teams, pick one child from each team to come up to the line, with their backs to the chalkboard & give each of them a wet rag...

teacher points out a word and the students have to yell that word out to their team person, who will then turn around and throw the wet rag at the word, the person closest to the word gets a point, if they step over the line then the other team automatically gets the point...i let them each have 3 throws each, before switching the students, and i will usually play 4 rounds, should they have a tie at the end, they i will give them one more word and whoever gets closest wins the game...its a very simple, fun game that like i said my kids beg me for it everyday....

have fun and enjoy >\-|

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