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Texas ISD School Guide
Texas ISD School Guide

English schools in Latin America

Mexico - Monterrey (San Pedro and Stanta Catarina Campuses)
School:American Institute of Monterrey

Pre-kindergarten through 9th grade.

Facilities for each development Stage:

Switching from the “small children’s” Campus to the “big kids’ ” Campus as they reach upper levels, has an amazing positive effect on the students’ maturity and personality development.

The facilities of an educational institution must adapt to the physical and maturity development of its students: compact and safe areas for small children and ample and motivating spaces for preadolescents and teenagers. These are the characteristics of both AIM campuses.

Our San Pedro Campus focuses on the needs of Preschool and Lower Elementary students (from 3 to 9 years old). It offers diverse outdoor areas that resemble a "mini-environment", including a little town, a small forest, a mini-plaza, mini-soccer and basketball courts, as well as great recreational playgrounds. To complement the fast development of our little ones, they may spend fun hours at the various interest centers, the psychomotor room, library and media center, the piano lab, dance studio, art rooms, and the traditional home of the Wildcats: the gym-auditorium.

Our Santa Catarina Campus, is a modern facility situated within a natural setting with exuberant vegetation; an ideal and ample learning environment for our older students. Bordered by spectacular mountains, Santa Catarina Campus is a perfect learning environment for teenagers. Students may enjoy the beautiful professional soccer field, several basketball courts and track and field areas; library, piano lab, recording studio, and a cafeteria to rest and enjoy healthy meals at the cafeteria.

All students have access to the up-to-date technology labs and smart room.

Both Campuses are only 20 minutes apart, and, by parents’ request, safe transportation services are provided.

How many students are allowed per classroom?
In Pre-Nursery we allow a maximum of 18 students per classroom. From Nursery and up to 9th grade the average is 25 students per classroom.

How many classrooms do you have per level?
At present, in Pre-Nursery we have capacity for seven classrooms for 18 students in each; five classrooms for 25 students in each from Nursery to 4th grade; and three classrooms for 25 students in each from 5th to 9th grade.

Are your teachers from the US?
Our teachers come from a variety of countries. Currently, the following are the nationalities they represent: Brazil, Canada, Cuba, Great Britain, Mexico, Turkey and USA.

How high is the level of English of your teachers?
All our teachers and administrative staff score 600 or more points in TOEFL evaluation.

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