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Peru - Lima (Surco)
School:Markham College

Markham College was founded in 1946 by a group of Anglo-Peruvians who had previously sent their children to the great independent schools in Britain. Rapidly, Markham began to distinguish itself from other schools in Lima and the strong traditions of British-Peruvian education, still honoured today, became firmly established.

Six decades later, Markham College remains dedicated to creating a rich and nurturing environment where students are able to fulfill their individual potential. This environment reflects our strong belief in the importance of diversity in learning; the personal growth gained by a bi-lingual and bi-cultural curriculum and a co-educational student body.

Great Reasons to Attend Markham College:

1. A rich curriculum. We have the largest selection of IGCSE courses of any British school in Lima as well as a highly-diversified selection of co-curricular and extra-curricular choices designed to suit almost every interest. Markham students in the Upper School can choose to pursue their studies and take IGCSE examinations in the following courses: First Language Spanish, First or Second Language English, Literature in both those languages, Mathematics, Additional Maths (for those achieving A or A* in Maths taken in S3) , either Coordinated sciences or Single Sciences (Biology, Chemistry and Physics), and three optional subjects from the following list: History, Geography, French, Art, Fashion Design (2008), Business Studies, Food & Nutrition, Design Technology (2008), Music, Computer Studies, Information Technology or Physical Education.

2. International Academic Recognition. Following the results of the latest IGCSE exams we received the following letter from Cambridge International Examinations (CIE):

"We are delighted to be able to let you know that three of your students achieved the highest marks in the world this year in the November 2006 examinations. They are Gonzalo Mario Suito Nicolini who scored top marks in Cambridge IGCSE Art and Design, Jessica Andrea Santivanez Perez who scored top marks in Cambridge IGCSE Literature (Spanish), and Maria Elena Vargas Delgado who scored top marks in Cambridge IGCSE Food and Nutrition. CIE extends its warmest congratulations to these students for their excellent achievement and would be delighted to issue certificates to mark the occasion."

Carole Landon
Regional Marketing Manager
University of Cambridge International Examinations

3. International Exchange Programme. Markham College is the only South American member of Round Square International, a world-wide association of selected schools (50) on five continents. Students attending RS schools make a strong commitment, beyond academic excellence, to personal development and responsibility, achieved by participating in community service, work projects, exchange programmes and adventuring to places often half way around the world from their own schools. Every bimester selected Markham students from S1 onwards participate in an 8-week exchange with another student from a RS school. In 2007, students went to on exchanges to such countries as: Australia, South Africa, India, Canada, France, and England.

4. International Student Body. There are currently students from 24 countries around the world studying at Markham. Families coming to Peru on foreign contracts enroll their children in Markham because of its well-known international reputation, our English Immersion Programme in Early Years, the Enquiry based programme of Lower School and the excellent academic standards and selection of IGCSE courses in the Upper School.

5. Co-education. At Markham College we strongly believe in the importance of diversity for learning. This has been reflected in the educational advances we have made throughout our 60 year history including our decision to become a co-educational school. Fundamental to co-education at Markham is the premise that boys and girls are treated equally, not just the same. We place great importance on this difference. We believe that girls and boys often have different perspectives and have much to learn from each other. This adds to the richness of our academic environment. In addition, a co-educational school is a natural reflection of the world and provides an excellent foundation for the development of realistic, meaningful and long-lasting relationships in life.

6. Outdoor Education Programme. Our comprehensive outdoor education programme, for students ages 9 to 15, makes full use of the amazing diversity Peru has to offer. Outdoor education camps take place in or close to beach areas, the Andes Mountains, world-recognised archaeological sites, National Parks and the Amazon jungle. Students develop important life skills within this programme, including leadership, co-operating with others and a love for the environment. While there is an academic element to these trips, our aim is to get students wet, muddy and tired and take them outside their individual comfort zones. This is an important part of the learning and maturation process for our students on their road to becoming independent and self-confident young adults.

7. Opportunities to get involved. Markham students care for others and are committed to participate in social and community programmes. We have a long tradition of encouraging students to develop important values and principles and we believe that those who have more in life have a responsibility for those who have less. The duty to help others is first put into action with our youngest learners and Graduation for our senior students requires them to dedicate at least 50 hours to the service of others over their final three years of schooling.

8. State of the Art Technology: Markham was the first school in South America to implement the use of educational technology within the everyday classroom through its Laptop Programme in the Upper School. Both campuses have state-of-the-art technology to support the whole-school integration of ICT and its educational objectives: SmartBoards, wireless access to our network, Internet resources and a comprehensive Intranet system. There is one computer laboratory in Early Years, 3 computer laboratories in the Lower School and 2 in the Upper school for non-laptop years (Grade 6 and Secondary 1). In the Lower School, students can obtain the Microsoft Office User Specialist (MOUS) certification, and in the Upper School they can pursue the courses of IGCSE Computer Studies or Information Technology, and IB Computer Science, at both Standard or Higher Levels. Our experience and expertise in ICT are recognized both nationally and throughout the continent.

9. University Acceptances. Over 98% of all Markham graduates immediately enter a University upon completion of their studies. 70% choose to remain in Peru to study at a local University while 25-30% study abroad; others choose to take a year away from studies and work as GAP students. Markham students have been accepted into more than 125 Colleges, Universities and Specialist schools over the past seven years, some with substantial scholarships. These foreign universities include: Harvard, Yale, Princeton, MIT, Cornell, Sarah Lawrence, Cambridge University, Oxford University, London School of Economics, etc. For more information, click here

10. Rich and nurturing learning environment. Markham College remains dedicated to creating a rich and nurturing environment where students are able to fulfill their individual potential. This environment reflects our strong belief in the importance of diversity in learning; the personal growth gained by a bilingual and bicultural curriculum and a co-educational student body.

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