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Humor - Computers 4 Beginners
By:Robin Day <gymnogoy@yahoo.ca>

Some folk ain't joined the computer revolution (like me). They are behind the times so I have drawn up a list to help ya along.

This is the great big frame that goes around all the other frames.

This is the board nailed up beside the front door where I hang ma keys, so I don't forget 'em.

3.MonitorThis is the strict serious guy in an test who looks like a cross between a parson and a principal.

4. Blog
This is the nasty dust or fluffy stuff that collects in your navel or belly button (assuming you have an inie not an outie).

Too easy. This is the favourite hangout for spiders and other bug eaters.

6. E-mail
Not exactly like a he-male but sort of between that and a fe-male or she-male. I better check that one again. Maybe its a distress call like eeeeeeeeeeeeeee-mail!

I think everybody knows that one. Hickory dickory dock. ha ha.

This would be easier to remember if it was spelled right: interknit... a sort of embroidery for computer guys. Hell if I know why its so popular.

9.Computer virus
It's just like you when you are slow moving in the morning and doesn't feel like working.

10. Computer files
If you wanna build a computer you are gonna need as a minimum a saw, a hammer, and at least one computer file to rub off the sharp edges.

Copyright Robin Day 2006

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