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Discover the Web of Funny Domain Names
By:Gautam Dev

Recently I wanted to see how many web sites have funny or interesting domain names. I was motivated to do this after reading an article on CNN about milliondollarhomepage.com. What an idea, I thought to myself. So I started searching on similar web pages. What I found out was a whole bunch of copy cats! One such example is youllbefamous.com. Their idea is similar to milliondollarhomepage.com; if you buy a pixel on their site, they will put an ad for you in Usa Today newspaper and you will be famous!

So started searching more for funny domain name sites. What I came up with is astounding.

Everyone knows about Yahoo, Google, etc. But did you know there is site with url : http://3.141592653589793238462643383279502884197169399375105820974944592.com? If you are wondering what it means, they have converted the value of famous mathematical constant into a domain name! However, there is more. If you go to their site, you can find out the value of PI to the one millionth places after the decimal.

I found sites like www.indiapakistan.com which presents countries India and Pakistan side by side. It is a cute site with a cute domain name.

There are sites with domain names www.thankyou.com and www.thanks.com. They are cool looking shopping sites, the first one for cakes and deserts and the second one for e cards.

Some of the sites, despite their funny domain names, are quite serious and useful. Some of these sites are http://www.happynews.com/, http://www.realityclock.com/, http://www.blinkbits.com/ etc.

I found web sites www.sexisforfags.com and www.ironhymen.com which with their funny domain name try to teach dangers of having sex early in life to to young kids. Very commendable effort.

There are sites like www.two.com and i-do.com which, quite arguably, chosen a very appropriate names for the kind of business they are in. The two.com site really has cool flash intro page. Check them out!

There are sites with very nice sights and sounds, e.g www.themeatrix.com, www.dreamcar.com, etc. Visit those sites, you will not be disappointed.

Two sites deserves special mention, www.bugmenot.com and www.nomoreaolcds.com. Both sites live upto their well chosen domain names. Check it out and you will see why. The first site will help you bypass the useless registration page for various web site by giving you working login ids.

There is a site called www.rotten.com which true to its domain name, has lot of disturbing pictures and (supposedly real) on its site. Surfers are, however, warned beforehand before clicking on the link.

Did you know there is one site called www.billgatesisdead.com which starts with the fake news of Bill Gates's death? Very funny. So is www.engrish.com which lists funny english phrases from foreign countries, especially Japan.

Most of you probably know about sites like www.fool.com and www.gorillatrades.com which deal with pretty serious business, the business of making money from stock market. In fact if you follow their advice, you will probably make money. Good luck.

Gautam Dev

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