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Reading Tabloid Headlines At Supermarket Checkout Counters
By:Tom Attea

Surely, one of the most underestimated trivial sources of amusement in America is the cursory perusal of tabloid headlines while waiting to be checked out at your favorite supermarket.

Here we learn of the marital squabbles and birthing tribulations of young movie stars who have nothing more interesting about them than they happened to be cute enough to be merchandised as current stars of movies that are in no danger of adding anything new to our experiences.

We might also find out such irrelevant tidbits as who happens to be gay or lesbian. (By the way, since the first term includes the second, why are they so often used in pairs?)

Finally, we may learn where the most recent space alien has made his appearance and the latest impending disaster that the long-written-off Nostradamus has predicted is about to descend on us.

Then, just as you’re shaking your head with disbelief that such outrageous drivel can be sold, you realize you’re next and hand your savings card over to the checkout clerk.

Meanwhile, you have been entertained by tidbits of non-news that give you pause about the overall intelligence and character of the nation.

Tom Attea

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