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Humor In Relationships
By:Michele Rogers

A good laugh never killed anyone. Well at least none that have been reported. Besides doctors say now a days that it can bring down blood pressure and sure make one feel a lot better. Besides laughing hard enough and long enough you can lose weight! Losing weight is just a special perk from laughing. Relationships should be humorous. Too serious and every move is scrutinized.

Each day in our busy lives we should read online the joke of the day to get our day off to the right start. If we read jokes we are apt to be thinking back how funny it was the first time we read it and we may even share it with family and friends.

There are many positive points to humor in relationships. It can show the other person that you care, but also that itís not that bad to fight about a problem. If you use humor in a relationship while disagreeing with your partner, then the outcome is more to end on a more positive note. One does not have to agree with the other but; humor interjected may make the situation even easier to cope with.

When interjecting with humor one should have a happy or neutral disposition. If you keep the mood light then you will have success. If you happen to use negative body language while trying to add humor in a situation, then the outcome is likely to backfire. So put a smile on your face read a joke and spread the humor.

Michele Rogers

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