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Fall Flings
By:Bridgitte Williams

Fall is a wonderful time of year. The weather is usually pleasant and mild. The leaves change colors and give us a free show that only nature can provide. The view is spectacular. Some people get to enjoy outdoor activities, during this time, that were put off until cooler weather arrived. There are some irritating things about fall. Sometimes, the fall breeze can become a bit too strong. Some people resent all those pretty leaves blowing onto their lawns. This may cause a case of rake rage. This means that you grab a rake and attack your yard until you almost drop dead. Rake rage ends in leaf exhaustion. Be careful. There are also leaf wars. This happens when you and your neighbor have a leaf blowing game, back and forth, between your adjoining yards. It can also be called a leaf off. Sometimes, the end result can be a telling off. Clear your yard of tree limbs, so you will not be tempted to hurt someone. Fall also brings a time change, for most of us. They call it fall back. This means setting your clocks back an hour.

What fun! Some people view this time change as a time war. We lost, a long time ago, sorry. You will fall back. Some fall apart, until they adjust to the change. Some fall upon complaining to no end, about the change. Most of us just fall into place and get on with our lives. This is the best plan of action, since you have no choice in the matter. Fall brings events known as fall flings. These are dances, held every year, around fall. These occasions usually cause delight! Sometimes, though, a fall fling can cause a fall out. That can include a fall fight, a calling out of work day or a fall down. The fall down usually happens when the fall fling is enjoyed with too much drinking and dancing. That can be embarrassing. It is always best to fall fling wisely.

Fall can also bring a fall flurry. This is that surprising flurry of snow that greets you, usually on the way to work, when you least expect it. Of course, the weather center had no idea it was coming. They probably don't know when it is going away, either. There is the fall flush. This is nice, for ladies who do not wear much make up. It is the rosy colored cheeks you get from the stinging fall wind blowing across your face. Do not forget about the fall flu. You will regret it, if you do. Get shots, get out the sweaters and find a humidifier. If you don't, you may end up with fall flow. That is your nose becoming a waterfall for a month or two.

Now is the time to address your fall flab. That is the end result of all the Halloween candy that you ate. Take care of this problem soon. You do not want to be a Thanksgiving tubby, now do you? The remedy is a fall flex, sometimes known as a fall fit. Going to a gym is helpful. There, you will find many to share this goal with.

If that does not work, try a fall famine. That is done by eating nothing until Christmas. Be prepared to encounter the fall financial force. This is a mighty urge that makes us all overspend on turkeys, early Christmas gift sales and huge Christmas trees. This force can take the wind out of your bank account. Try to resist. Do not fall prey to fall fleecers, also called the fall fleecing. These are people who sell high priced items that you normally pay about one dollar for, any other time of year. These usually are present during the first week in December. You greet these sales with a freezing fall no. That way you will not become a fall fool. Finally, there is the fall over. That is the moment of knowing that there are only a few shopping days until Christmas. Whew. Happy fall!

Bridgitte Williams

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