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Pick Up Lines
By:Alex Smoke

Pick up or chat up lines are usually said by a man who intends to start a light conversation with a girl he likes and wishes to sleep with.

Read on the following pick up lines:

1. I remember seeing you somewhere but I cannot recall where? Yea! You're my dreams' queen.
2. Has it been a long flight from paradise to earth?
3. If you haven't loved me yet, I can pass again!
4. I know why you look so tired... You've been running in my head all night long!

Now let us check out the girls' opinion of such pick up lines:

1. I'm usually hit with those weird pickup lines such as I remember seeing you somewhere but I cannot recall where? Yea! You're my dreams' queen and Has it been a long flight from paradise to earth?
2. The stupidest line I have ever heard was Has it been a long flight from paradise to earth?
3. the most embarrassing pickup line I have ever received was I got a hard-on by just looking at you...Weird, right?
4. You cannot find a mind-blowing pickup line as people might think. Women find pickup lines silly and childish. In case you find it extremely difficult to speak to a woman, then you had better seek some professional advice!
5. Because pickup lines tend to be primitive and so brief, they usually fail in the purpose they are used for.
6. Avoid all pickup lines and just speak like ordinary people would. In case the girl starts to talk then she seems to be attracted and you would end up listening to her words. By listening attentively to whatever she might say, you would eventually come up with some decent and relative lines to say.

Read on to find out more about girls' advice to you:

1. Do not pretend and do not prepare or plan lines before you come up and speak. Girls think that pickup lines are embarrassing and awkward. A man usually makes a fool out of himself when he attempts some of such lines. Continue reading and you would find out about one of the funniest situations concerning pickup lines: When I was waiting at some station, a man approached me and asked Has it been a long flight? So I asked what flight? the man replied The flight from heaven to earth The next thing happened was my mate giggling over such a silly line then I told the guy well, my friend's name is angel so obviously it was her flight not mine.

2. PLEASE AVOID PICK UP LINES! God! Don't you ever learn? Why cannot you ever use some simple and natural lines such as it's been wonderful meeting you or your dress is stunning tonight or maybe tell her how much you resent such pointless pickup lines that most guys use?

3. We, girls believe that a brave and bold man is the one who would approach us while we are in an outing sitting with a number of friends. Many men still believe that when girls go out in clusters it means that they are not accepting any male intrusion. This is simply wrong because most women go out so they can meet new men. When a man approaches a girl sitting with her girlfriends, it means that he is courageous and fully confident, the thing that girls gives credits to. Do not freak out and just approach them, then simply talk more to the girl you like most. Again, there are indirect pickup lines that are hidden between the words, such as My name is __ I think we have met somewhere before, haven't we? This is a simple and implicit way for a catchy line.

4. Acting like yourself is what a girl would look for. Pickup lines sound stupid, cheesy and embarrassing. Simply, tell a girl your name and what you do then suggest buying her soda or some wine. I believe that the best thing I could hear from a guy is when he offers to get me a pint of ale or something. Just remember to approach a girl alone not with your mates, even if the woman is standing among a number of girlfriends.

Alex Smoke owns http://www.androfactor.com Read more about pick up lines and many other.

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