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The Best Serious Pick Up Lines of All Time - Pick Up Lines That Actually Work
By:Mark J Taylor

When attracting women you should employ a whole host of different types of techniques, amongst them is using serious pick up lines. I know some of you may not like the idea of using pick up lines on girls and may have heard they do not work. This is not true and you need to get rid of this negative mind set if that is something you believe. Pick up lines can work, especially serious pick up lines, provided you deliver them in the correct context and manner. In this article we will be focusing on pick up lines (you can visit my website for other techniques).

Here are some great serious pick up lines:

1. "Hi". That is it, just a simple hi. I know you are thinking that can't be it, but believe me this the best pick up line of all time and it is a serious one. A poll has been taken in which thousands of women were interviewed and asked which is the best pick up line of all time and an overwhelmingly majority said it is when a guy approached them and says hi. This is more powerful than any other line. It is not cheesy or corny, it is real and gets right to the point. With one simple word you can jump into a conversation.

2. "I noticed you, you look interesting. I would like to get to know you." This is much more powerful than any cheesy and lame pick up line and there are thousands and thousands of them out there. This line is great because you are not hiding anything and cannot be accused by the girl of being sleazy, which many guys are accused of all the time. You are getting straight to the point and are showing you are confident in yourself. Girls love that! If you deliver this line with confidence, you will do very well. This makes you unique and automatically gets you respect. It will build the foundations for attraction at a later stage.

3. "I noticed you earlier and wondered if you were friendly?" Similar to the above, but you are challenging her with this line. Who is going to want to answer they are not friendly? In most cases and I mean in over 80% of the girls you use this line on they will say of course I am friendly. Then you can jump into having a conversation as they now have to back up what they said, which is that they are friendly. If they are really friendly they will have a conversation with you. By doing this you gained the upper hand.

These three lines above are serious pick up lines that have a great track record of working, the best track record in my view and the view of thousands and thousands of women. What makes them powerful is the fact they are real and they show confidence. So go ahead and try these lines and you will get much better results than you would delivering cheesy pick up lines.

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