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Pick Up Lines For the Bus
By:Peter Hook

Ever wondered how many good looking girls there are in the bus? And how few you have actually talked to over the years? Try this seriously funny ice breaker and you could actually start ranking the bus next to night clubs over places you seriously want to meet women!

You're in the bus and see a girl listening to her iPod or mp3 player of some sort. You sit right in front of her and wait for her to look at you. When she does, you start acting like you're talking to her, going blablablabla without actually talking. She will say "sorry, i cant hear you". And then, this is it, you keep "speaking without saying anything". She'll laugh for sure, if you're not looking too serious.

You can say "so, what are you listening to?"

Whatever she says you can follow up with: "Oh, I was pretty sure you'd be listening to some other kind of music just by looking at your clothes". She'll say: "oh, really?"

And you go: "Death metal, 100%".

And then you put on a big smile and laugh. She will return it!

The trick obviously is to keep it cool. Before the smile part, just try to look super serious. Especially when she takes of the ear phones - if you can continue bla bla-ing here and NOT smiling or laughing, then you come across as funny. Finish it off with commenting on her style in a way that she just respond to - and you're on!

Peter posts pick up lines now and then, all fun and serious pick up material http://www.seriouspickuplines.com/ - a place for resources on meeting women in daily situations.

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