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Really Corny Pick Up Lines That Girls Find Funny
By:Scott Patterson

Every man knows how intimidating it can be to start up a conversation with a beautiful woman. She's surrounded by a group of her friends and you're left to your own devices to come up with the right thing to say to her.

It's unfortunate that you decide to follow your buddies' suggestion and use a corny pick up line to get her attention.

And just like clockwork, she walks away from you in disgust immediately after you speak these words.

You know you missed out because you chose such a fake approach.

The dilemma with using corny pick up lines is that they're never effective. If you're serious about winning her over, you should use a more genuine technique.

Rather than using corny pick up lines, think of original things to say to her. There are several techniques you can use to get her interested without sounding contrived or over-the-top:

1) Situational conversation starter-

Take advantage of your surroundings. If you happen to see something strange or comical, you can use it as an opportunity to approach a woman who also witnessed the event. By cracking a joke or making a witty remark about the situation, you'll immediately have something to laugh about together.

2) Just act normally-

Walking right up to an attractive woman and introducing yourself is an extremely successful way to strike up an exchange. By approaching her in a confident manner and avoiding the stunts so many other guys use to attract women, you'll really be setting yourself apart from the crowd. She'll be more than a little impressed with your straightforwardness and honesty.

3) Be Funny

Few things are as attractive to a woman as a sense of humor. Your ultimate objective when using this method should be to make her laugh. Remember to act in a slightly arrogant manner so that you build yourself up as a reward she should strive to earn for herself.

This technique is especially useful because you're not being obnoxious about the fact that you're attempting to win her affections. Rather, you're just having an enjoyable conversation where the goal is to amuse her.

While it's true that corny pick up lines are capable of getting a woman's attention, it's unlikely she'll give you her genuine interest. Instead of using them, you are better off considering your other options.

Next time you approach a woman, try using one of the above techniques. You will be surprised at how much more successful they are than corny pick up lines.

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