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The Art of Seducing a Man - Make Him Find You Totally Irresistible
By:Nicole Gayle

There's but one phrase you can say to a man that will have him thinking about you for days...one way to get his attention without using your body.

Women who understand men know that he can keep coming back without giving you a commitment IF you are always available for a booty call. But IF you get inside his mind, he will keep coming back to you until he commits to you for good.

If you agree with a man's inner resistance, it will throw him off. The more you push away from his desire to resist, the more attractive he'll find you.

For example...if you've been chatting up a man for a while and he seems to have interest in you. Throw in this sentence. Make sure the timing is right...when the conversation is flowing really well. First smile as if you know something then say to him playfully:

"I don't think you're ready for this."

Don't wait to get his feedback. Just say it and drop it. Change the subject and act as if you never even said it.

He'll have a hard time forgetting it.

It will be the opposite of how women usually relate to him. Most women hint in one way or another that they want something from a guy. When you use the attraction he has for you to agree with his inner resistance to not wanting to feel pressure, it will automatically take the pressure off and believe it or not, he'll internally want to disagree with you and move towards you.

Nicole Gayle is the author of the e-book, How to Go from Girlfriend to Wife, written to help you take your man from maybe to "I do" - Be the kind of woman your man HAS to marry. http://www.howtogofromgirlfriendtowife.com

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