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Cheesy Pick Up Lines That Are Funny - Make Her Laugh With Cheesy Pick Up Lines
By:Mark J Taylor

Cheesy pick up lines have the powerful effect of making girls smile. You can actually build attraction when applying cheesy pick up lines the right way. The key is in your delivery of the lines. You should deliver the lines with a smile in your face and in a playful manner, never in a serious tone and without a smile! Girls will appreciate these lines and when you get them smiling and laughing, you can easily have a normal conversation with them, which will make them comfortable with you. From there you can win them over. In order for you to get to that stage, you have to know how to open the door with them, to get their interest. That can be done with pick up lines. I have listed some of the best cheesy pick up lines for you to apply below:

1. Hello I'm a professional thief. One of the world's best thieves. I have stolen priceless paintings in world class museums, diamonds fit for royalty, Persian carpets and even a Rolls Royce. I am now looking for my next heist, for the most valuable item on the planet. Can you help me steal this valuable item? How can I steal your heart?

2. I only have three weeks to live. Do you want to grant a dying man's wish?

3. I bet you a $100 you are going to turn me down?

4. Is your father an alien? Because I seen nothing like you on earth!

5. I noticed you have been checking me out the whole night so I decided to give you a chance to talk me.

6. I'm new in town; can you give me directions to your apartment?

7. Where have you been all my life?

8. Don't I know you from somewhere? Didn't we go to different schools?

9. Can I have a picture of you so I can tell Santa what I want next Christmas?

10. Hi. I am a great cook, I got money, I am successful and I know how to treat a girl right. So what else do you want? How about I buy you a drink and you get to know awesome me?

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