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Creative Ways to Say I Love you to your Valentine

Valentine's Day is quickly approaching, and the florists and candy makers are getting their inventory ready. But what if you don't want to do the same old tired gift of red roses and chocolates? Or what if you want to add some interesting unique spark of your own to make this Valentine's Day truly memorable and unique for your loved one?

Here are some innovative and creative new ways to say I LOVE YOU:

- leave love notes in his/her car, purse, briefcase, refridgerator, taped to his favorite beer in the fridge, taped to the toilet seat - be creative! Remind your love throughout the day just how much you love them!

- find the one thing that your lover most despises (or procrastinates about) every week, and offer to do it for him/her for one month. Is it taking out the trash? Is it picking up the kids from soccer practice? Is it balancing the checkbook? Is it grocery shopping? find out what it is, and lift that burden from your lover for a whole month.

- surprise your lover with a secret getaway vacation.

- buy a star (or plot on the moon) in both of your names

- get a massage for both of you before an intimate Valentine's Day dinner

- write your very own handwritten love letter

- buy THE BOOK by KM MacKinnon >THE BOOK for your lover and talk about what past lives you think you've both shared!

- give a Get Out Of Jail For Free Monopoly card. As this would suggest, you are promising your love one that in the future, should they transgress in any manner (and you can set the limits of course!), they have one Get Out of Jail For Free card to free themselves from the trouble. Did they forget to pick up the dry cleaning and you have an important meeting tomorrow? Did they snap at you at the wrong time? Did they forget your anniversary? (for that they might need more than this card!) Anyway, you get the idea - and it's a way to let your beloved know that you love them enough to forgive them in advance for something they might do!

- hire a musician to serenade your lover at their work!

- serve breakfast in bed

- do something completely unexpected! :)

- map out new quicker shortcuts from http://www.mytrafficshortcuts.com for your love to use when driving to and from work

- write a personalized romance novel starring you both

- give a coupon book full of free massages, dinners, foot rubs, pick up the children, sex whenever wherever, you won't surf the net for one whole night etc coupons. Taylor make it to your relationship and life, and to your lover's likes and dislikes. This is always a real pleaser - but you have to make sure they use it - and you have to make sure you fulfill the coupon when they ask!

- give your lover a bubble bath


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