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The Quickest Way to Know if He Likes you

There are secret codes to everything, and the trick is just to unlock them. The second trick is to make sure that once you learn them, you don't ignore the signs and codes. What do I mean by that? Well let's say you've met someone, and you really like them, but they aren't giving you back the same vibe, or returning your call, or asking your out, or even talking to you. Pay attention! Remember it's really difficult to get blood out of a turnip!! Add up these hints and you'll know quick enough if he really likes you or not:

The absolute quickest way to know if he likes you is to read his BODY LANGUAGE. Look in his eyes. Are his pupils dialated? Is he looking right at you, or is he distracted, glancing away while talking to you?

Does he reach out and touch you while he talks to you? Does he touch your forearm or shoulder ?(and hopefully nothing else if he doesn't know you well yet!)

Is he listening to you - REALLY listening? and by listening I don't mean starting his new sentence on top of your own sentence. If he's really listening he is not talking more than you. He is listening to what you say, he's interest, inquisitive and will be asking you questions and waiting (and LISTENING) to your entire answer.

Do you make him nervous? Does he seem like he's going to break into a sweat at any moment? Does he stumble a bit on his words once in a while? Does he even blush? If he likes you a lot as a romantic partner, he will be probably nervous when he first gets to know you, and you will be able to pick that up.

He laughs at your jokes!

If you go to a movie, he asks you what you want to see, and he doesn't force you to see some jock movie you said you don't like. He'll gladly take you to a sappy romantic chicky flick just so he can be with you.

Does he lean into you when talking? Or does he lean away, turn away, look away? If you get the LEAN...you know he wants to get to know you better :)

Does he tell you that he likes you? Guys don't usually wear their emotions on their sleeves, so if he expresses those types of emotions to you (and you believe he's sincere) he's surely into you.

Put these signs together, and you'll know if he really likes you, or if he doesn't. Good luck!

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