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How to Get Your Wife to Like You
By:Duncan Kelly

Most marriages start well, and the couple is happy for awhile, maybe even a few years, but then the chemistry starts to fade, and after awhile things settle down into a bit of a rut. Sometimes the partners get rather distant, and although they don't dislike each other, there's not much attrraction between them, like there was when they were dating, and newlyweds.

So guys, how do you get your wife to like you again? How do you get her to want you again?

Well, assuming that your wife has just cooled off, and is not having an affair or suchlike, you can try the following suggestions and get the chemistry going again. Bear strongly in mind, that women are turned on by RELATIONSHIP related actions and attitudes, whereas men are turned on by visual stimuli. Although these distinctions are a little blurred in teenagers and young couples, they become more definite as women get older. So you guys need to make your wife, your best friend, feel secure and happy in her relationship with you, and then her hormones will take care of the rest. Here goes:

Do hard work around the house. This will turn on your wife more than chocolates, expensive dinners or gifts. Make sure she sees you working, but make sure she doesn't smell you working. Get clean before getting close.

Fix stuff. Broken stuff sends the message that you don't care about her world, the world of her home. Fixed stuff means you are intending to stick around to use it. This indicates permanency of the relationship, which has the effect on wives that we guys get from bikinis.

Make a mental note of the things she does to you, like the way she touches you, the things she does to try and make you happy, because these may be the things she wants you to do to her. For example, if she strokes your toes, which you may consider boring, it might be because she really enjoys you stroking her toes. Try it out and see if it works!

Always tell her you've got a plan. Even if the plan is to try and make a plan. Women love you to have a plan. It means that they don't have to make one, so they can relax. When wives are relaxed and unstressed they are more receptive to your (what you consider romantic) approaches.

Be kind to her. Again, kindness shows that you are there for the relationship, and not just to eat the fruit and split.

Be generous. Not everybody has money to splash around, but be generous with what you have, and with your time, your energy and your sympathy. Listen to her talking about her day. Put your own needs a few priority rungs below hers. Think of her needs first.

Give up smoking and drink less beer. You'll live, I promise.

Tell her you love her, every day. Wait for a quiet moment, and be as sincere and genuine as you can be.

Always say nice things about her when you are talking to other people, even if she is not there. Never bad mouth her, not even to your best buddy; not even if she's given you hell for no good reason. This is an attitude builder, and grows an attitude in you that will filter through to her, and make her feel secure and safe. She will realise that you are really, first and foremost, her friend. This sense of friendship will melt her heart and, at random times, give her the hots for you.

Play with her. Tease her gently. Have fun together. Joke with her, tenderly and kindly. Fill your marriage with humor and laughter.

Hug your wife. Not for what you can get out of it, but to do your best to make her feel better.

Marriage is a one sided thing, from both sides. What this means, is that you give love from your side only, expecting NOTHING in return. You wife may or may not do the same. If we expect nothing back, everything we DO get back is a bonus. But the funny thing is, if you show this type of love, your wife will normally respond to you with the same kind of love; maybe not immediately, but it'll come. It's an attitude of unconditional love.

And unconditional love makes marriages as solid as concrete.


Thank you for reading my article.
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Duncan Kelly

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