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Laughter Beats Stress
By:Scott Wells

You should incorporate some humor in your life. What would it be like to go around in a serious state of mind all the time? You've got to laugh sometime. Laughter is good medicine for you and you should prescribe it to yourself as much as possible. This is definitely stress buster material.

Check out some ways that you can laugh and release stress at the same time:

- First, you must realize that having laughter in your life can increase your energy and take away any negative vibes that you may be feeling. When you laugh, you release the pent-up anger and frustration that has been bottled up inside you from being stressed. You can find some good comedy shows on television that are really funny.

- Think of some situations where the outcome ended up being pretty humorous. You can think on those and get a kick out of them. Let go of the complaining and murmuring.

- Go take in a comedy club. Check out the up and coming comedians at local venues in your area.

- Smile more often. If you're not used to doing this, then start now. Did you know that smiling can be contagious?

Learn to spread your laughter and joy to others who need it. Not only will it help them, it will also help you.

Meditation is also a good choice for beating stress. You could spend 30 minutes to 1 hour per day doing meditation. If you are interested in this option, do a google search for Falun Dafa meditation. This is the best kind.

Scott Wells suggests www.drugabusefocus.com/117/ for those battling a drug or alcohol addiction or for those who love someone who is. Compassion is virtuous. Share or read alcohol or drug abuse stories today.

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