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Critical thinking questions for an esl class -- Christopher
Good afternoon everyone. Does anyone have any critical thinking questions that can be sent to my email? I had a large list of questions, until someone threw them out. My email address is ...

No-Frills SLA App For Students and Teachers Abroad -- Joshua Harwood
About a year ago, I posted a long exposition of Elan in China, an infamous Chinese ESL center. I got a handful of thank-yous from readers who terminated their applications with that business after ...

Programme for 7 years beginners -- Andrew Doxsey
Hi everyone, I've been teaching English to grade 7-12 for the last 2 years in a Latvian state school. It's been a very enjoyable and interesting experience. As an experiment I've now been ...

Stories for English learners! -- Toby Crowley
I made some stories for my own adult English students. They seem to like them, so I thought I would share.

Math -- Jennifer Co
An app that is designed to allow teachers to guide a class full of students through a series of math worksheets on a specific math topic. Here are some important features of the app: Dashboard shows ...

Linguistic Investigation for teaching present perfect -- Rike Neville
Allowing students to discover grammar rules by working together in cooperative learning groups both decreases teacher talk and instills deductive reasoning skills. When students can articulate rules ...

ESL Freebies -- Rolf
Check it out, plenty of freebies for Asian teachers

Free lesson from Stories for Young Readers, Book 2 -- Kinney Brothers Publishing
The is the first (free) lesson Pack from Stories for Young Readers, Book 2 from Kinney Brothers Publishing. File includes readings, puzzles, audio, and answer keys!

Free lesson from Stories For Young Readers, Book 1 -- Kinney Brothers Publishing
This is the first (free) lesson pack from Stories For Young Readers, Book 1 by Kinney Brothers Publishing. File includes readings, audio, and answer keys!

D-I-Y Teaching Props/Aids Making with Theo Mai -- Theo
Hello teachers, I've just created a tutorial Youtube channel called EDU PROPS to share with you how I create my own teaching props for my class activities. Whether you're teaching in schools ...

Bartleby : Books for Teachers and Students -- Jeff White
Bartleby is a free online repository of books, with a wide range of fiction and non-fiction novels that include American classics, world factbooks, famous essays, poems, and short stories. Readers ...

EFL Magazine -- Philip Pound
Check out EFL Magazine for some fantastic articles on English teaching

English Idioms Illustrated -- Professor+Potts
Hello All. I have an app called "English Idioms Illustrated". It explains the meaning and origin of English Idioms in a comic strip style and the first 30 strips are free. It's been downloaded a ...

ESL Lesson Content Download -- Kris Jagasia
Dear Teachers, I've decided to release an ESL Lesson Plan covering Possessive Adjectives for download (along with the matching Teacher Notes). It is an example of teacher-led lesson content ...

Free Children's Books for ESL - https://www.freekidsbooks.org -- Danielle
Hi, I just wanted to share this website - https://www.freekidsbooks.org, we have a lot of completely free resources, great stories, and perfect for people learning english.

Collaborative Crosswords -- Andrew Berlin
You can now get some free sample pages of my new book Collaborative Crosswords at ESLgames.com. I hope you like it.

Free Worksheets for Teachers -- Edwin Edwards
Have found free sample worksheets teaching phonics, reading and writing, speaking, and grammar.

Printable class room material -- Gerard O'Neil
One of the up sides of having more than twenty years’ experience as an ESL teacher is that I have amassed a huge amount of teaching material; the down side of this, is that, each time technology ...

Free PPT Lesson Plan Template for Download -- Kris Jagasia
We've released our PPT Lesson Plan template for download. This is the same template that we used to develop our lesson plan library @ https://www.off2class.com/teacher You can use it to develop ...

IELTS Webinar: The IELTS Teacher Toolkit -- Kris Jagasia
Dear Teachers, we held a webinar last week to coach teachers that are thinking of taking on IELTS students. The session was very well attended and you can find the recording here: ...

Free ESL printables -- Marina Matsiukhova
BusyTeacher.org provides over 16,000 free printable materials for teachers, including worksheets, detailed lesson plans and in-depth articles.

20 More Warm-Up Activities -- Global Training, Coaching and Development for Educators
Vol 2 is now ready. Download your free copy of 20 More Warm-up Activities for the Busy ESL/EFL Teacher. Lots of free resources. https://patrice-palmer.mykajabi.com

Prime Factorization Calculator -- Jen
This prime factorization calculator allows you to enter a composite number, and it produces a list of the prime numbers that, when multiplied, produce the original composite number. Use this ...

Fractions Calculator -- Jen
This page hosts a fraction calculator that can perform addition, subtraction multiplication or division of two fractions. The values for the calculation can be simple or mixed fractions, or consist ...

Percent Calculator -- Jen
This online percentage calculator shows how a percentage is represented as a fraction of a number. To find a percentage of a number out of a total, simply enter the values in left side of the ...

Online Timer -- Jen
It’s not hard to find a countdown timer online, but if you’re looking for the best countdown timer on the Internet, then you’ve found it! This online timer is great for use as a classroom ...

China News Lesson Plans -- John Bayliss
Free printable handouts, ideal for group classes with Chinese students. Aimed at teenage and adult learners, of an intermediate level and above

FREE resources for Cambridge TKT exam -- Noel Perera
This website, TKT Cambridge, provides free learning resources for those who are intending to take Cambridge TKT exam with the hope of embarking into teaching English. The Cambridge TKT is one of the ...

How to onboard New (or prospective) ESL students Webinar -- Kris Off2Class
Dear Teachers I held a webinar last week on strategies for onboarding new ESL students. Great watch for both classroom and online ESL teachers! ...

A great app for listening practice! -- Richard
Hi everyone, I graduated from Boston College in 2015 with a computer science degree, and have been coding for Android for nearly 5 years. I thought it was time that I gave back to the community, so I ...
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