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Europe/northern Europe/English/German
By:IGOR+SHABANOV <oswald1623@rambler.ru>
Date: 21 February 2015

I am urgently looking for a language JOB in EUROPE/NORTHERN EUROPE
I enclose my resume
thank you
Igor Shabanov

..A REFERENCE for IGOR SHABANOV/ a teacher of English and German in Cheboksary/Russia
Cheston Furrow
Cheboksary Russia
Tel. 7-952-023-05-67
I am a Baptist missionary sent from Caprock Baptist Church of Amarillo Tx. USA. I have lived in Cheboksary Russia for 10 years
. I have known Igor Shabonov for 5 years.
He is an accomplished English speaker. He has attended my English club as well as an English Bible study for 3 years. I can characterize him as the one who shows fluent English and takes part in all the discusions in the English speaking club. he shows sincere interest in spiritual isues discused in the Bible studies.
He comes from a religious family in Cheboksary and shows a deap interest in religious matters. he as a person in not indifferent to Nature, animals, and peoples' hardships.
The job seeker is.....
Igor Shabanov

Igor Shabanov

I must say my motto is lifelong study.
1) IF a teacher makes a pause falling back on what he has acquired in his professionhe can never catch up with swift developments one is witnessing in all spheres of life. Expereienced teachers state.......your students teach you more than any text-book you have had.
2) I would be happy in the professional sense of the word to prepare and deliver lectures in 1. American/English literature 2. conversational English 3. English for adults 4. Business English.
3) My professional carrier is my teaching activity at the state Univesity in Cheboksary/the Department of Foreign Languages as well as the Moscow Institure of Humanities in Cheboksary/the Department of Humanities/the faculty of Management and Economics.
I am a teacher of English and German.
My education :
1) The Pedagogical Institute in Cheboksary/the English Department/ 4 years
2) The 2-year English course of high qualifications for teachers of English, the Institute of Foreign Languages named after M. Torez. Moscow
3) The 2-year course for translators of English, the Institute of Foreign Languages named after M. Torez. Moscow
4) The German Department of the Pedagogical Institute in Nijjnii-Novgorod, 4 years.
5) The examination of German as a foreign language at the University in Trier, Germany
6) The four terms of English at the University in Schwaebisch-Gmuend/Germany and a English language colloquium as a result. The problems to discuss: 1.
Tennessee Williams and his role in the history of American theatre. 2. American Studies. 3. Linquistics. 4. Modern techniques in foreign language learning.
7) A course of philosophy lectures at the University in Cheboksary and an article with a given reference offered by professor Djeltov M. P. /the Departmet of
Philosophy/ to the theme: "Estrangement as getting conscious of outward realities".
The article is based on situations: 1. The Stanger/Albert Camus. 2. Gespenster/Evil Spirits by Henrik Ibsen. 3. Doktor Faustus by Thomas Mann.
Could I hope I can fit in and get registerd to qualify for a position of a teacher of English with adults or at a higher school/University
With best regards
Igor Shabanov
Home tel: 007/8352/58-06-55
428032 Cheboksary/Russia
Leningradskaja 16 flat 23


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