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Anyang area/Filipino Female
By:vivacom <hivivacom@daum.net>
Date: 12 July 2015

**Practical English and Mathematics with an Experienced Female Filipino Teacher**

혹시, 나와 같은 On/Off-line 영.수 강사가 필요하시면 연락 주세요!! (010-7189-2071)

=Name: Gladys Hinilarao
=Gender: Female
=Age: 26 years old/168cm, 56kg
=Nationality: Philippines
=Current location: Uiwang city, Gyeonggido, Korea
=Pronunciation: Typical American style (Not strong accent)
=Graduated from a reputable university in Philippines./Most outstanding graduate among 3,000 graduates(대학 수석 졸업)
=Major subject: Mathematics//Minor subject: English
=Teaching experience
-2009 to 2012: Taught Mathematics in English to American and Korean (elementary to high school students) who were living in Philippines.
-August 2012 to August 2013: Taught English to Korean elementary students at Hagwon in Anyang (Korea)
-October 2013~~~: Teaching English to Korean adults via skype (on-line) in Korea
=Preferred location
-Off-line: Only Anyang areas in Korea(의왕, 안양, 군포, 산본, 수원)//개인교사, 학원 및 회사로 출강 가능//Part Time preferred.
-On-line(skype): Anywhere. //보습학원, 학교, 외국어학원, 회사 등(한국회사의 임직원들을 우대합니다.)// 특징: 소(1:3)/대형 (1:15이상) 그룹학습을 1:1학습 비와 비슷한 가격으로 즐길 수 있음(학교, 보습학원 등)

**영어를 영어로, 수학도 영어로!!

@Contact information(연락처)
=Tel: 82-10-7189-2071
=Email address: hivivacom@daum.net


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