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ZheJiang - HangZhou
School:Zhejiang Ivy A-level International School <yww@zj-ivy.com>

We are an Edexcel-registered A-level and IGCSE centre in Hangzhou, founded in 2012. Now in our third year, we expect to have roughly 100 students enroled after the summer holidays, all aged between 15 and 19.

There are numerous A-level centres all over China and dozens added every months of the year. What makes us special is a unique combination of Western and Chinese governance, the school being run by the headmaster Dr Oliver Kramer. Dr Kramer was the founding headmaster at the A-level school at SISU, Shanghai (2008-2011) and before that a teacher at Eton College from 1997 to 2008; he joined the Ivy group as share holder in March 2013.

Our school aims to provide a fuller education than mere training for passing relevant examinations. For this purpose, the entire course is a four-year programme, with the first two years being devoted to IGCSE studies and the final two years to AS and A2-level studies. We recruit our students mostly from Hangzhou and Zhejiang province, and nearly all of our students are aiming to get offers from UK top 50 universities and USA top 200, with many of them on track to much better placements. University rankings are an important part of the market in China, but not the be-all and end-all in educational reality: we aim to allow each student to develop their potential, and to be able to find and pursue interests they could not continue or take up during their time in Chinese secondary schools.

We welcome all students who fulfil three key criteria: sufficient knowledge of English and academic talent to be able to pass the A-level examinations within four years; the genuine desire of the student to study abroad; and the financial wherewithal of the parents to finance the time at a university abroad. We do not provide IGCSE or A-level classes to students who are unable to follow classes because of the language barrier or because of a lack of academic ability.

Our administrative ethos is communication and transparency. All staff member regardless of nationality are fully informed about all the school’s plans and activities at all times. There is no linguistic barrier within the school; all Chinese teachers are proficient in English and the Headmaster is fluent in Chinese. The school encourages all foreign staff to study Chinese and provides support in doing so.

We are looking for teachers who are experienced A-level teachers (or equivalent, eg, AP teachers). Experience of having taught in China is desirable, as is the willingness to stay for more than just a year or two at the school. The school is completely independent, that is, it is not attached to a state school or university, which has great advantages but also occasionally means that teachers are asked to improvise and accept that not everything runs as expected from one’s home country. However, the school offers a great team spirit and a fulfilling teaching experience.

From 2015 onwards, the school will, subject to confirmation, become a PGCE training centre allowing teachers to gain an official qualification while working at the school.

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