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Re: So you want teach in China? Be careful.

I will list a couple of schools you should be careful to teach in...first is Mengyang kindergarten in Baoding...they got mad that I left their school so they lied and reported that my US passport is lost... so now whenever I want to travel in China, I get stopped at China airport customs because I am told that the passport I am holding has been reported lost in Baoding, and I did not report it lost, but baoding did...mengyang kindergarten in baoding also tried to make excuses to not give me my passport back when I originally had to give it to them to get the residence permit, mengyang kindergarten in baoding did not want to give me my passport back after that and after two months I threatened them that I would go to the American embassy and that is when they finally gave me my passport back...so be very careful if you still want to work for them ... also be careful working in Rise school in haikou because they will sometimes make excuses to not pay you on payday because they want to make sure they have your salary in case you leave early, so they will withhold your pay for a month in order to balance the salary payday to their favor if they have to because that is what happened to me after I went back to the USA for two months, so they made an excuse to not pay me for a month so that they can still have that usual salary advantage when I went back to haikou, so yes, Rise school in haikou does not pay your salary every month if it does not benefit them...

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