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Re: America China Exchange Society, Tianjin
By:Jeanne Hipp <photoglogal@gmail.com>

Actually, I am writing about ACES in Seattle. I worked there for 6 months & over the course of that period I came to discover that they only care about the bottom line, they rip parents off in a BIG way financially (one of my students asked me casually how much I made. When I told him ($18/hr) he told me that his parents were told that the tutors (me) got paid $100 an hour & they were charged $120/hr! Also, they are assigned several tutors for the same subject & even if they don't need so many hours, they pay upfront & cannot cut back. VERY unscrupulous & unethical. I had 2 students with particular needs, but was blown off by the manager (Matt Oakes). When I was told, by the student, about the financial /pay issue, he called his liaison & then I was told that I was not invited back to tutor because of being "insubordinate" & he lied & said that he had an "exceptional number" of complaints about me. This was a BLATANT LIE - I had never had one complaint - I'm SURE I would have heard about it prior to that! This was just a way of them getting rid of me because I knew the TRUTH of their less than up & up business practices! STAY AWAY FROM THEM! They should be investigated. VERY UNETHICAL operation! Undoubtedly no better from the Chinese side!

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