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Re: How to Deal With FAO in China
In Response To: How to Deal With FAO in China (Jeff)

What about an FAO who withholds pay ten days past the date stipulated in the contract? The FTs were always paid ten days later than the Chinese teachers. I put up with that nonsense for two years. I didn't complain, but pay arrived on-time twice: when the FAO and her assistant were out of town on the contracted pay day and someone filled in for the assistant.

What about FAO's who are rarely in their offices? I understand that many also teach classes, but they should make themselves available to the teachers at least SOMETIMES. This is a particularly serious problem when neither the FAO nor her assistant will answer their phones. One FAO was at home taking care of her newborn baby when she wasn't in her office. Her assistant had an antisocial personality disorder and was of absolutely no help. (It wasn't a communication problem. He spoke and understood English well enough to teach it).

What about an FAO who favors one foreign teacher for years and allows herself to be manipulated by that FT to the point that every other teacher is dismissed at or before the end of his contract under false pretexts? I've seen that happen. I learned from students that every teacher except one in my school had been dismissed on short notice at mid contract or at the end of the contract. I suspect that there was an inappropriate relationship between the female foreign teacher and the female FAO. They took many weekend trips together.

What about an FAO who confronts an FT with new terms to his contract after he arrives at the campus and demands that the FT either sign an agreement to those terms or not be issued a resident permit?

What about an FAO who refuses to remit taxes on behalf of the FT (foreign teacher) and will not supply salary receipts so that the teacher cannot file taxes so that he may convert rmb to USD?

What about an FAO who refuses to have needed repairs made to the teachers' living quarters?

What about an FAO who will not intervene when the cafeteria manager refuses to issue a cafeteria card and will not allow the foreign teacher to pay with cash?

These lapses in responsibility are inexcusable, especially when the FAO blames the foreign teacher for the problems.

The Ministry of Education and the SAFEA (what a joke) must address these problems because they exist not only in a few schools but in many schools. I will be happy to publish the names of these FAO's upon your request.

One more thing: You aren't fooling anyone. You are Chinese.

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