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So you want teach in China? Be careful.

This post is to give you some insight before you make a commitment to come to China and teach.

First and foremost, read Dr. Malvides post, most or all of what he has said, is quite true or needs to be addressed before you accept a position.

I should have read it myself but then again, I didn't have much bargaining power, I am not a qualified teacher, I do not have a degree but i do have many years of life skills and training in the health care field but going to China to teach English, intrigue me.

Take my advice, don't let the mysterious part of China, enter into your decision to teach in China, granted, it is a mystery, China has many interesting cities to visit and discover, many tourist sites to see but the private schools in China are a money maker and the people running them, are sneaky to say the least.

I taught English in China, for 6 months, in a private college, to students, ranging from 14 yrs. to 19 yrs. of age, which was what I was most interested in but what I didn't know, is that these students, come from well off families, that couldn't get into other schools, for various reasons. Most experienced teachers, know why.

The parents, are buying there kids education and these private schools are sucking in the money, many of these kids will never learn the language adequately enough, to advance further, most students are not interested in being there but don't have the guts to tell there parents, there wasting there money.

The administration, in this school, allowed for students to sleep most of the time in class, play games with there mobiles or listening to there mp3's, among other things. How can you teach, when this type of activity is allowed in class?

As for the school, the cleanliness of the classroom's, was atrocious to say the least, the floor in this one class I taught, was never washed once in the 6 months I was there, students ate in class, food, gum, sunflower seeds on the floors, empty plastic bottles scattered about and yes, mice visited regularly. Students were assigned to sweep the floors and pick up the trash but hardly ever did, I would take the broom and do it myself, to embarrass these kids or pigs.

As for the room, I was given to live in, there was no hot water at the sink, minor inconvenience, 45 channels on the tv set but no English channel to view, power would go off regularly, no hot water to shower, or freeze in your room, during the colder months, slept a few nights fully clothed.

Five foreign teachers, resigned in the 6 months, I was there, only 2 are left, another is leaving at the end of his contract.

Why did I stay so long, you ask?, I wanted out sooner but they asked me to stay until the end of the semester, for which I did, I asked for a letter of reference, told me they would give me one but didn't, another lie.

These schools look after themselves very well, throw big graduation party's for 10 or 12 students and families at an enormous cost but give the lao wai's very little but gloat that they are giving you more than most schools would. i doubt it.

For those who want to teach in China, "if it sounds too good to be true, then it isn't".

Be careful, it's not what its all cracked up to be.

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