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One-Day Beijing Gourmet Tour
By:lisa-geller <jhx@51766.com>

One Day Beijing Gourmet Tour - Beijing Gourmet Tour Itinerary:

1- Pick you up from hotel on departure time, then drive to a famed restaurant which serves traditional-style Beijing food ( mainly noodle ) in a active Old Peking atmosphere. Waiters clad traditionally shout and cry around the room to announce customers arriving or leaving. Having the taste of the tasty noodles, usually eaten with a thick sesame- and soy-based sauce. It is very noisy! You have some real exoerience of Old Beijing and enjoy the old Beijing Noodles for breakfast.

2- After breakfast, visit Tiananmen Square and Forbidden City, the imperial palace of Ming and Qing dynasty.
Visit scenic spots:
a. The hall and the courtyard of supreme harmony,
b. The meridian gate,
c. the hall of supreme harmony,
d. the hall of complete harmony,
e. the hall of preserving harmony,
f. the huge of stone carving,
g. the hall of union,
h. the palace of earthly tranquility,
i. the imperial garden, etc.

3- Transfer to the famous Beijing Quanjude Roast Duck Restaurant for lunch . Quanjude Roast Duck Restaurant is one of the best restaurants serving Beijing Roast Duck. It has a history of nearly 150 years, and today there are many chain restaurants of it around the city.

4- After lunch, we will go to Wang Fu Jing. Wang Fu Jing Street is the famous commercial area with hundreds of long history and is called "Gold Street ". This is a amazing place for shopping and food.

Wang Fu Jing Snack Street: A dazzling array of snacks from all corners of China can be found here.

Little booths covered by red and white striped canopies one right next to the other line Wang Fu Jing Food Street as far as the eye can see. The best part about eating here is that it's all on-the-go eating, like having a hot dog in New York - you eat on the street. There is a wide variety of food here, much of which originates from Xinjiang province, such as squid, fish, crab, chicken and lamb kebabs. For the more adventurous diners there are scorpions and other bug kebabs. Besides the many varieties of meat kebabs you can get sugar coated fruit kebabs, soups, fried dumplings, sweets, noodles, drinks, and much much more. Even if you are not planning on eating here, this place is worth a visit just to explore all of the interesting critters on display.

Most of the snacks served here are available (for much cheaper prices) all over Beijing, but Wan Fu Jing still boasts a two-pronged advantage: First, it is far more sanitary with higher hygiene standards, and second, it's all packed into one place. This saves you the time of looking for each individual item elsewhere.

Each booth is operated by separate vendors, so set prices do not exist. All the vendors will have prices labelled but you can always bargain for a lower price. Some vendors can name the items and their corresponding prices in a huge variety of languages including English, Russian, and Korean (and of course Chinese). Alternatively they will just point to signs written in both Chinese characters and the corresponding English translation.

For two people a meal will usually cost around 50 RMB depending on the size of your appetite. One tip to remember is to lean away from your shoes while eating and bring napkins (this is greasy stuff). Always bargain when paying for kebabs though. Since there are so many vendors selling kebabs, there is a lot of competition. If you can’t come to an agreeable price, just move on, the vendor will either give up and give you your price, or you can easily find another vendor who will.

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