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Living in Xingtai, China (Article)
By:Adam Hopes (English teacher)

Xingtai is quite a small city. It is great place to save money as it's extremely cheap. It's very easy to get around. Taxis start 5 yuan (we never payed more than and a case of beer cost 12.5. The locals are by far the nicest people I have ever met and seldom try to cheat you. There is an endless amount of really good Chinese restaurants as well as a few western ones. Western restaurants are---KFC, DICOS (a Taiwanese chain similar to KFC), A Brazilian barbecue restaurant (it also includes a all you can eat buffet with some western goodies), a Korean barbecue restaurant (not western I know but it’s good and something different), C Straits which has a fantastic menu£¬ steak, surf and turf, Indonesian satay sticks, pizza, hamburgers, pasta bakes, freshly squeezed juice and much, much more. An ice cream shop 2 doors down from the Korean BBQ has waffles, pizza and hamburgers. There a three coffee shops and you can buy coffee beans and percolators, etc. There are also Muslim restaurants everywhere£¬they have great shisk kebabs. The local supermarkets are good but only have a few western items. Beijing is only 4 hours away we did a monthly run to stock up on western groceries (at JENNY LOU’S). You can’t get everything but there a many things from around the world that you couldn’t get at home. The capital city of Hebei Province is an hour away and also has many western things to offer including Mc Donalds and Pizza Hut.

Things to do in Xingtai.
There is a bowling alley, 1 or 2 discos, many bars, Kung Fu, Thai Boxing, a local skateboarding community (and a skate shop), Roller skating, Movie theater, Swimming pool, Pool halls, and a few big parks, (one of them has go carts, a roller coaster, ferris wheel, flume ride£¬etc.) There would also be many other things I did not discover. Vincent has my email address and I would be more than happy to point you in the right direction of these places.

Xingtai is a lovely city with lovely people and I miss them both the city and the people dearly.
Yours sincerely,
Adam Hopes.

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