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The Role of the Five Elements in Chinese Astrology and Chinese Zodiac
By:Groshan Fabiola

For a Chinese Astrology reading, people generally know about the Chinese Zodiac which is comprised of twelve animals, the rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, rooster, dog, and pig. What most people do not know is that there are also five elements in Chinese Astrology which are wood, fire, earth, metal, water. When the elements and zodiac animal signs are combined, then the accuracy and richness of a Chinese Astrology reading increases substantially.

In Chinese Astrology, the relationship between the five common elements seen on earth are fundamental and intricate. As on earth, each element is dependent on another element yet can trump and be trumped by another element. Together, the five elements of the Chinese Zodiac form a fluid and nurturing environment with each element of similar strength.

For example, metal can contain water; water fosters the growth of trees which is wood; wood is the fuel for fire; fire burns out to leave ashes which return to the earth; and earth is compressed over time to create metal. So there is a cyclical and rationale approach for this balanced philosophy for the elements in Chinese Astrology.

These five elements are also paired with the Chinese animal in the zodiac. Therefore, one could be a born in the year of the pig and fire, creating a "fire pig" like the year 2007. Or one could be born in the year of the "water dragon." It is by understanding these subtleties that one can begin to truly grasp the implications of their birth year on their future fame, fortune, and destiny in Chinese Astrology readings.

Groshan Fabiola

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