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Fiji Islands, Sweden & Florida: Undersea Hotels
By:Amber D. Walker

Most hotels feature the same kinds of amenities, such Internet access, breakfast, swimming pools and shuttles to the closest airport. However, with a little persistence, you can find hotels which are truly unusual, such as the Ice Hotel in Sweden and the Green Magic Treehouse hotel in India. Believe it or not, adventurous vacationers also have their choice of several undersea hotels, with more, such as the Hydropolis Resort in Dubai, on the way.

Poseidon Undersea Resort, Fiji
Poseidon Undersea Resort is located on and off a private island near Fiji. Guests take an elevator 40 feet under the sea and stay in one of the 24 underwater suites or an underwater apartment. There are also guest villas located on the island. Both kinds of accommodations have king beds, sitting rooms, libraries, personal offices, DVD players, flat-screen TVs, wireless Internet and phones. In-room personal refrigerators are provided and kept stocked by the resort staff. Guests can scuba dive, learn to pilot a submarine or explore the abyss and the reef. In addition, the resort offers a spa, restaurant, nine-hole golf course, biking and hiking trails, sailing, tennis and beach volleyball. Many years in the making, Poseidon Undersea Resort began taking reservations in 2009.

Poseidon Undersea Resort

Poseidon Mystery Island, Fiji


Utter Inn, Sweden
Utter Inn is the project of Swedish artist Mikal Genberg, who opened his creation to the public in 2000. A little, red house pokes out from the surface of the lake, but accommodations are 3 meters below. The inn only has one room, furnished with a table and two twin beds. This underwater room features panoramic windows, so residents can see underwater in all directions. Guests are dropped off at the hotel and then left to their own devices. Deluxe dinner delivery service can be arranged. Guests are welcome to use the hotel's inflatable canoe to paddle out to the island. They can also swim, catch some rays or fish. As of 2010, the rate to stay at the Utter Inn was $1,750 per week.

Utter Inn

Lake Maleran

Vasteras, Sweden



Jules' Underwater Lodge, Florida USA
Guests must dive 21 feet in order to enter Jules' Underwater Lodge in Key Largo, Florida. The hotel is set in the Emerald Lagoon and has 42-inch round windows to offer better views. Jules' Underwater Lodge has a full kitchen complete with microwave and refrigerator, hot showers, videos, books and music. The hotel was originally the La Chalupa underwater research laboratory, and guests can spend their time fish-watching, diving and exploring the ocean, or just relaxing in their rooms. The lodge has several kinds of package rates, including the European-style Package, which includes unlimited diving, a light dinner and breakfast. There is also Ultimate Romantic Getaway Package, which features mood music, flowers, seafood, breakfast service and exclusive use of the hotel.

Jules' Underwater Lodge

51 Shoreland Drive

Key Largo, FL 33037



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