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Bengali New Year in Bangladesh: Celebrate in a colorful manner
By:Scarecrow Tourism BD <info@scarecrowtourismbd.com>

If you are in Bangladesh at the time of mid April, you will hear people wishing each other "Shubo Nabo Barsho". It is celebrated as a Bengali New Year. This festival usually falls in the month of April which is the month of Baisakh, first month of Bengali New Year. The festival of Nabo Barsha was introduced was the great Mughal emperor, Akbar.

This festival is celebrated with great deal of enthusiasm and energy not only by the people of Bengal but also by the Tribal people in hilly areas. For them, it is the time to say adieu to the past year and welcome New Year by following religious norms.

Pohela Boishakh 1419 (2012)
The celebration of Pohela Boisakh 'coincides with the celebration of New Year for many countries in Southeast Asia. Like many other states, the beginning of the new year also marks the beginning of the harvest season in Bengal.

Bengali New Year Significance
For the Bengalis, the significance of the Bengali New Year is surely great! This occasion and in fact the whole month of Baishakh is considered very auspicious for events like marriages. Further, this is the day when people pray for the well being and prosperity of their dear ones. The day is a cultural, social and literary feast for the Bengalis.

This day is also considered auspicious for starting new ventures and businesses. All business activities in the state of Bengal commences on the day of Poila Baishakh. New account books are purchased by the Bengali business men and traders. After the puja, entry in the account books start. Mantras are also chanted on the festival of Poila Baishakh.
Presently, Pohela Boishakh or Bengali New Year stands for cultural unity where there is no distinction made on the basis of religion, class or caste. Poila Boishakh is all about spreading love and happiness, gift-giving and praying for each other’s well being and prosperity. Unlike some other festivals, the Bengali New Year is more about simple celebrations of the rural roots of West Bengal.


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