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Re: Teaching in HCMC Viet Nam
In Response To: Teaching in HCMC Viet Nam (Jody)

It's good to get opinions from others on their experiences no matter which field you're in. While Jody has some valid points, so do the others with their counter-points. HCMC may not be the ideal place in Vietnam to be teaching English at the present time. It is very hot most of the time, there are power-outages often, the traffic is horrible, HCMC is overcrowded, a few people are rude, some students are lazy, disrespectful, and childish, most contracts are verbal....the list is long of complaints by ESL teachers. ESL teaching in Vietnam needs to be legitimatized. There are plenty of good reasons to be a teacher in Vietnam. Vietnam has great weather in much of the country. Vietnam is a beautiful place. Most people are very gracious, generous, and friendly much more than those few who are rude, there's good and bad everywhere. I've taught in HCMC, Tay Ninh, and now I'm in Vung Tau. Stop by if you have what it takes to be a great teacher. If not, stay home, wherever that is. More, and more schools want their teachers to be more qualified, which is a good thing. Teachers should be better qualified. If not then they will continue to recruit drunks staggering in and out of bars to teach in their schools. To be honest, I'm tired of working alongside those types. If you don't have the qualifications to be a teacher, you should either get qualified, or go somewhere else. The school I teach at now has great teachers, and most of the students are very well behaved. In the U.S. I would never want to be a teacher! I might end up on the wrong end of a gun. Vietnam is the best place for someone who wants to get away from the way too fast paced American way, and teach some folks who could use the education in a positive way. While you're here, learn about the culture, get to know the people, and learn the language. For those of you who want to show your rude face, show it to those American boys and girls who tote guns to class.

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