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How to Plan a Honeymoon to Tahiti
By:Susan Berg

Following the hustle and bustle--not to mention stress--of having to plan a wedding, nothing could be more rewarding than spending your honeymoon resting and relaxing on the white sands of a Tahitian beach. Planning a South Seas honeymoon may actually be a lot easier--and more affordable--than you may think.

Begin your planning by ensuring that your passport is up to date. Your passport should be valid for at least six months following your planned return. If you do not have a valid passport, or if your passport will expire soon, head to the post office and get a passport or get yours renewed. Since the renewal process can take awhile (unless you pay a large fee to expedite the process), you will want to get the ball rolling on this as soon as possible.

Plan a budget for your Tahiti honeymoon. Things to consider include international airfare, any incidental travel fees (such as transfers to and from the airport), lodging, food and activities. If you are looking into package deals, take a look at the fine print to see what is included and what you will be responsible for.

Decide how long you want to spend in Tahiti. Keep in mind that some package deals require minimum overnight stays. Also, airlines that fly into Tahiti may not fly every day of the week. Take this into consideration when determining your arrival and departure days along with your total length of stay.

Check out an up-to-date Tahiti guidebook at your local library or bookstore. Use the guidebook to determine where in Tahiti you want to visit. Keep in mind that Papeete, the capital city, is a busy town. If you are looking for ample time in the sun, consider spending most of your time on the western side of the island as the eastern side gets a lot of rain due to weather patterns and the mountains. A guidebook can also help you research where to eat and where to stay during your Tahitian honeymoon.

Use the Internet to research deals. Places to explore include travel websites such as TripAdvisor, Orbitz, Travelocity, or South Seas specialty travel agencies and airlines that cater to the South Pacific. Many airlines that fly to Tahiti offer special package deals that include international airfare and lodging. Check Qantas, Air New Zealand, Air Pacific, and Air Tahiti Nui for any special offers.

Call hotels directly to get the best rates. Inquire about any special discounts; you may be able to negotiate a better deal by foregoing the middlemen, such as travel agents or wholesalers, who often require a 10-percent to 20-percent fee from the hotel or resort for booking clients.

Consult a travel agent--and if possible, seek out an agency that specializes in travel to the South Seas. If you can't find what you want online, head to your local travel agency. Travel agencies often have inside information on the best deals and can help you book the trip of your dreams.

After finding your perfect Tahitian island deal, book your honeymoon. Be sure to indicate that you are on your honeymoon, as there are often special perks or upgrades (such as special beachfront bungalows or complimentary champagne) for the recently married.

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