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Interesting Places in Taiwan
By:Laura Latzko

Taiwan a country in eastern Asia near China that is bordered by the Philippine Sea, South China Sea and the Taiwan Sea. The country is made up of mostly mountainous regions, but it also contains areas with rolling hills. Taiwan contains almost 23 million people, which include Han Taiwanese and Taiwanese Aboriginals. Some interesting cultural, historical and environmental places in different regions of Taiwan are Longshan Temple, Wulai Aboriginal Village, Nanliao Port, Sun Moon Lake and Cingjing Veterans Farm.

Longshan Temple
Located in Taipei, Longshan Temple was built by Han Chinese settlers in 1738 with a Chinese courtyard, known as a siheyuan, and with an architectural design similar to palaces. It is home to Buddhist, Taoist and Confucian deities, and it regularly attracts people for historic festivals and worship sessions.

Wulai Aboriginal Village
Wulai Aboriginal Village is a village in northern Taiwan that is made up of aboriginal people from the Tai Ya Tribe. The village is surrounded by mountains and features hot springs, an 80-meter high waterfall and a trail train, or push car.

Nanliao Port
Nanliao port is a fishing port in the Taitung region with a 946-meter long dock where one can watch single-boat trawlers, shrimp trawlers, long-liners and raft boats. The port is located on a coral reef coast.

Sun Moon Lake
The largest natural lake in Taiwan, Sun Moon Lake is rounded in the east and shaped like a crescent moon in the western portion. The lake is surrounded by mountains and features an island in the middle, where only Shao worshippers can go.

Cingjing Veterans Farm
Cingjing Veterans Farm is a farm in Pingtung where a group of soldiers settled after fleeing Mainland China and participating in a resistance movement in Taiwan. The farm is surrounded by gorges and forests and contains grasslands, a Swiss garden and park within it.

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