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Singapore Travel - Top Things to Do on Holiday in Singapore
By:Gaurav Ks

Singapore has one of the best economies and standard of living in the whole of Asia. Because of the peace, order and discipline of the people in Singapore, it has been a favorite country of business conferences and seminars.

If you planning to Travel in Singapore, here is a list of Singapore Attractions or the Places to visit in Singapore which you can enjoy.

Asian Civilization Museum: Star your Singapore tourism with The Asian Civilization Museum is in a form of the three museums of the National Museums of Singapore. This is the most established museum in the region to focus exhibits and origins in Asia's cultures and evolutions.

Escape Theme Park: Scream your hearts out at Singapore's biggest outdoor theme park, Escape Theme Park. Escape Theme Park, one of the biggest of Singapore attractions will certainly thrill and excite you with its huge range of wet and dry rides for the whole family.

Jurong Bird Park: Not only a favorite amongst Singapore attractions but also in entire South East Asia is the Jurong Bird Park. Located at the west end of Singapore, the Jurong Bird Park is the largest and most remarkable bird park in Southeast Asia that will certainly fascinate and impress you with its variety of 9,000 birds.

Kent Ridge Park: With a size of 47 hectares, this park offers you the most magnificent views of the off-shore islands such as the Pulau Duranin Singapore. Darat and hence makes for one of the top places to visit. Filled with Tembusu, Acacias and Dillenias trees, you will certainly enjoy the peacefulness and serenity of the park.

Merlion: The Merlion is to welcome all visitors to Singapore. Standing tall at 8.6 meters high and weighs as heavy as 70 tonnes, it was designed in 1964. It was originally located at the mouth of the Singapore River.

You can take Budget Flights, any day and see the glimpses of awesome attraction’s of Singapore.

Night Safari: Not to be missed out amongst Singapore places to visit is the Night Safari. The Night Safari is the first wildlife park built especially to be viewed at night unlike the traditional parks elsewhere. This place occupies 40 hectares of land, with animals from South America and other parts of Asia.

Pulau Ubin: A small island, shaped like a boomerang, this island is off the northeastern coast of Singapore main island. This could be the very last kampung or village in Singapore.

Singapore Zoo: The modern Singapore Zoo, or formerly known as the Singapore Zoological Gardens, displays animals in the open.

Residents of the animal kingdom roam spaciously in landscaped enclosures.

A single day's travel will take you from the past to the future, from extraordinary traditional enclave to efficient business centre, from lush gardens to sleek skyscrapers.

Gauravks is a articles writer whose major area of focus about travel. His articles on different travel topics like Flights to Singapore and Cheap Flights to Singapore are published on various online platforms.
Don't forget to visit his site at http://www.ticketstoworld.co.uk/.

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