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Sentosa Island, Singapore- a wonderful vacation spot
By:Travel Expert

Sentosa Island, one of Singapore‘s most entertaining places to enjoy a vacation, is being visited by over 5 million tourists annually. Regarding attractions on Sentosa, feel free to esteem the numerous 5 star resorts, a theme park entitled Universal Studios Singapore, as well as the 2 massive golf courses. As for Bukit Merah, tourists should know that the place is a famous hill of Singapore. Meaning The Red Hill, Bukit Merah is today a nice location to appreciate the island’s skyline.

To begin with, Sentosa Island was named in the past Pulau Blakang Mati, however in time it had gone through various changes. In 1830 the people of Singapore called it Pulau Panjang which meant the long island.

After continuous development over the years, Sentosa is today one of Singapore’s first places of entertainment. Featuring an area of 5 sq km, Sentosa is Singapore’s 4th largest island. Regarding habitat, on the island there are plenty of indigenous species of animals and birds like monkeys, lizards, peacocks and parrots. With abundant vegetation, the place is famous for being natural and full of life.

During the 19th century, Sentosa was additionally important because it had the role to protect and guard the Keppel Harbour passage. When reaching the Second World War, the island was one of the most useful fortifications for the British people. After being invaded by the Japanese Sentosa became a war camp for prisoners holding Australian, as well as British captives.

It was until 1972 when the island was finally renamed. From its initial name, Pulau Blakang Mati, the beautiful natural land became Sentosa Island. That same year, in September the Sentosa Development Corporation was being established which soon enough was going to change the future of the isle forever.

Over $S420 million from a private capital was invested in Sentosa Island, and more than $S500 million from public government funds. Such tremendous sums of money had an essential role in the history of Sentosa; after the creation of the cable car in 1974, after a series of attractions were built( Surrender Chamber wax museum, Fort Siloso, Underwater World, Musical Fountain, etc.) the place simply exploded from the financial and economical point of view. Sentosa Island became an entertainment venue where millions and millions of travelers have started to spend their holidays and just have fun.

In addition, travelers around the world would love to have a better look at the island from the top taking a trip to Sentosa Tiger Sky tower, from where the panorama is simply breathtaking.
Among other attractions worth exploring throughout Sentosa Island are the Butterfly Park and Insect Kingdom, the thrilling Underwater World and Dolphin Lagoon, Sentosa 4D Magix, Fort Siloso, MegaZip Adventure Park, Sentosa Luge & Skyride, as well as all the gorgeous beaches.

For tourists looking to spend a vacation around the islet, transportation is additionally important; you ought to know that traveling along Sentosa can be made by cable car, or via causeway. Boasting beautiful attractions, Sentosa is such an overwhelming place to esteem.

In Malaysian Sentosa means peace and tranquility. Therefore, on the island tourists will find various attractions to keep you entertained; however, the main item to draw people’s attentions is the Sky Tower. Entitled the Tiger Sky Tower, originally the Carlsberg Sky Tower, the impressive loom is the perfect observation point to tourists who want to appreciate Sentosa and Singapore from a distance. It stands 113 meters above sea level and 100 meters above the ground level. The imposing tower has 36 floors and it’s truly a distinctive landmark of the entire Singapore. The tower is owned by C. Melchers GmbH & Co and it has managed over the years to gather hundred of tourists who want to admire the panoramic view of the city from the top.

Visitors will have the opportunity to esteem the gorgeous view of the Southern Islands, Singapore, as well as Sentosa. In addition, The Sky Bar and Sky Deck located alongside the Sky Tower on the ground floor are the perfect spots for a relaxing lunch or dinner.

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