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The amazing Singapore City Center
By:Travel Expert

The Singapore City Centre is probably the main touristic spot of the entire island for tourists because it comprises the most important places to visit, the most compelling attractions, as well as major buildings and districts. Therefore, every single district within the Singapore City Centre has its own purpose in the development and functioning of the city-state. The main ones are the following: Raffles Place, Marina Centre, the Civic District, Singapore River and the Orchard Road.

To begin with, the Raffles Place or the Central Business District is Singapore’s most important venue due to the financial role in the development of the island. The Raffles Place is Singapore’s busiest and most contemporary locations due to the array of skyscrapers and tall buildings. In addition, it also features some of the country’s most important landmarks like One Raffles Quay, Esplanade Theatre, Parliament House, the Supreme Court , as well as the Singapore Exchange and the City Hall.

Throughout the 19th century the Raffles Place used to be named the Commercial Square mainly because various trades were made there. Moreover, after some time several department stores were built and some of them still exist today like John Little and Robinson's. The Central Square of the Raffles Place is like the Wall Street of New York. Full of business people who are constantly in a hurry, the place is kind of crazy. For tourists it’s a great spot to admire because of the numerous attractions and buildings. Moreover, the CBD features some of Singapore’s most modern and revolutionary office centers, suitable for anyone’s business ideas. Apart from the buildings, tourists will also have the chance to appreciate the beautiful seafront of the Raffles Place where they can walk around and enjoy their spare time.

Moving forward with main areas of the Singapore City Centre, the following location worth mentioning is Marina Centre. The place is some kind of hub agglomerated with hotels, offices, convention centers and dinning opportunities for the people.

When it comes to Singapore’s major heart, travelers are mostly drawn by the Civic District. The place is an agglomeration of monuments and federal buildings worth admiring. Regarding some of the most important ones, throughout the Civic District tourists are mostly impressed by Fort Canning Hill, the Supreme Court Building, the National Museum of Singapore, Raffles City, Esplanade and the Asian Civilizations Museum.

Singapore is a traveling destination for all sorts of tourists. Hence, for a bit of romance, the Singapore Riverside is probably one of the most beautiful. Clarke Quay and Boat Quay are the two main places to enjoy a romantic escapade in Singapore by the river.

Clarke Quay is one of Singapore’s most important waterfronts that used to be a trading marketplace. Today, the site has been completely transformed into a recreational area where tourists come to have fun, relax and enjoy traditional Asian cuisine. Suitable for families and couples alike, Clarke Quay is a great location to take into account whenever in Singapore because it’s vivacious, full of life and ultimately, enjoyable.

The location of Clarke Quay had managed to expand over the years. From just a few bistros and cafes, the harbor is today full of entertaining amenities. Everything from floating restaurants to nightclubs are featured on the riverside. For every traveler a visit to Clarke Quay is a must, because it is the perfect place to relax and have fun with friends and families. Due to the waterfront, the district managed to develop various hospitable restaurants, bars and pubs suitable for vivacious tourists, as well as dwellers.

The atmosphere of the location is dynamic and energetic especially on weekends when the precinct is full of people. Dining facilities have emerged on each side of the river, simply because the breezy location offers a romantic and intimate landscape for tourists.

Combing old fashioned boutiques with modern music, Clarke Quay is the ideal place for recreation. Apart from being an entertainment venue, the setting values Asian folklore as well. Traditional food recipes are still featured within the restaurants, and thus every traveler will have the opportunity to sneak a peek into the city’s most valued asset, cookery. Clarke Quay has numerous international bistros as well. Mediterranean and Italian cuisine is also highly appreciated by locals, as well as vacationers. All in all, Clarke Quay Restaurant Precinct is another milestone of Singapore, because it is the focal point of relaxation and an ideal place to have a good time.

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