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Java's Finest Shores
By:Travel Expert

With an important role in the economical development of the entire Indonesia, Java is a great island for a vacation. Enigmatic, mysterious and full of greenery, the island features friendly beaches sprinkled with Islamic vibes and hospitable inhabitants. In case you’re planning a trip to Indonesia, Java is surely an essential destination to think about, especially since the capital of the entire country, Jakarta, is located here.

• Carita Beach
Located less than 3 hours from Jakarta, Carita Beach dominates the western side of Java. Surrounded by resort and hotels, tourists will find numerous entertaining activities to try out, beautiful scenery to admire and hospitable people to talk to. The beach is smooth and soft and the waves are not that powerful suitable for tourist who search for peace and privacy. Carita is a quiet place and it can be easily accessed since it’s connected to the main road. The central attraction of the site is the Krakatoa Volcano rising above Carita, a devastating landmark of Java in the past.

• Rapang Beach
Recognized as one of the main attractions in Java, Rapang is more than just a simple beach. The atmosphere, the lively people and the cheerful atmosphere make the setting a favorite location for every enthusiastic tourist. Located just 2 km away from Ibioh, the beach is wide opened for everyone. Rapang Beach is welcoming and ultimately gorgeous. Numerous private bungalows and accommodation facilitates will certainly make travelers enjoy the best vacation. Regarding dining, seafood is served everywhere and restaurants are extremely varied.

• Grajagan Beach
Exotic, engaging and adventurous, Grajagan Beach is one of the most picturesque beaches in Java. While traveling around the seashore, tourists will be fascinated by the secretive old cave which was a hidden place for Japanese soldiers in the past. When it comes to activities, Grajagan Beach is ideal for surfing, so everyone will have fun and be entertained. Filled with cafes, bistros and various restaurants, the setting comes along with soft sand, warm breeze and beautiful sites for everyone to appreciate.

• Parangtritis Beach
The beach is located on the southern side of Java. One of the side attractions of Parangtritis are the rough cliffs of limestone that are overlooking the high rising and falling sea waves. The shores are extremely romantic for honeymooners, however compelling for youngsters. Another side attraction is the broad stretch of sand and the breathtaking sunsets. Excluding the swimming activities that draws tourists to Parangtritis Beach, the idea of fishing and meditating are additional elements that attract travelers.

• Parangkusumo Beach
The beach is known to have witnessed a volcanic activity which resulted in rocks being formed around the beach. Native people believe that these rocks served as a meeting point of Sultan of Yogyakarta and Kanjeng Ratu Kidul. This is a beach where cultural ceremonies are highly appreciated annually. An example of such ceremony is the annual celebration of the Kanjeng Ratu Kidul. Parangkusumo Beach is dedicated to contemplation where visitors appreciated the Indonesian culture and civilization.

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