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Explore through the wonders of Bukit Timah in Singapore
By:Travel Expert

The Superintendent of the Singapore Botanic Garden in 1882, Nathaniel Cantley was directed by the Government of the Straits Settlement to organize and get ready a statement concerning forests within the settlements. At that point various forests and reserves were being created in Singapore, Bukit Timah being one of them.

The natural park was opened in 1883 and since then, it has been a main attraction for the people of Singapore, as well as tourists who come to visit the Island. Roughly all reserves created then were being cultivated to obtain timber except the segregation of Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. Hence, the Government decided to protect it because most of the fauna and flora is unique in the world. Bukit Timah Nature Reserve and two other recreational areas in Singapore were the only ones kept untouched by urbanism, and the plant life and fauna were directly given into the care to the Singapore Botanic Gardens.

In 1951, the Nature Reserves Ordinance was enacted in order to give the natural parks fuller protection; also, the Nature Reserves Board was established for the purpose of appropriate running of the reservation. Although there are several other rainforests in Singapore, Bukit Timah is known to be the most alluring and diverse one. In addition, the multitude of plants and animals are incomparable with any other natural parks in Singapore due to the fact that they’re so rare and spectacular. Because of such impressive wildlife, the park is visited annually by thousands of visitors looking for something unusual and at the same time natural in Singapore. So as to have a break from the urban city, a trip toward the Bukit Timah is perfect for relaxation and contemplation. Completely natural and wild, the park is one of the main attractions for tourist who come to Singapore every year. Due to the plant life, the number of visitors to Bukit Timah is increasing more and more with every year.

There are several forest regions in Singapore but Bukit Timah Nature Reserve is known to be one of the most appealing of them all. This reservation is conveniently positioned in an area of 410 acres which normally is a moderate measurement for a superior nature reserve. The park got its name from the Bukit Timah Hill which is ideally positioned within the center of the reserve. It is an established fact that the Bukit Timah attracts several hundreds of visitors and tourists regularly especially because of its splendor and uniqueness.

The natural reservation boasts of splendid rain forest species like rattans, lianas, epiphytes, palms and vines. There are also a large number of animals inhabiting the forests but they are rarely seen because of the extent of human movement in and out of the park. One cannot help being carried away by the green nature of the nature reserve which has made it to be acclaimed as one of the many regions that are known to be productive in relation to plant life. The air surrounding the nature reserve is one that is very fresh and completely clean. On entrance into the reserve, one is thrilled by the chirping of the birds and the variety noted in the plant life in the reserve.

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